Welcome to STRANGE INVADERS, the first series in

On this page, you’ll find links to the individual tales that make up the STRANGE INVADERS story arc, in the order in which they have been presented.

We’re sure that each of our tales of strange science will intrigue and thrill you!

Journey with us now to those perilous days of yesteryear for…


  1. A Sci-Ant-ific Problem
  2. Ghost Town Gambit
  3. Bugged by UFOs
  4. The UFO You know
  5. Snow Monster
  6. Bugs on Board
  7. The Buzz of Doom
  8. Prophet from the Stars
  9. Into the Ant Nest
  10. Mansect!
  11. Wings of Death
  12. Bee-Hive Yourself
  13. Crash Site
  14. Attack of the 50-Foot Femme Fatale
  15. …and more to come!

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