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Buy Elf Erotica - Illustrated Edition - of Elf Princess on Mars for $4.99 using PayPal.
Buy Elf Erotica – Illustrated Edition – of Elf Princess on Mars for $4.99 using PayPal.
Buy Elf Priincess on Mars for $2.99 with PayPal.
Buy Elf Priincess on Mars for $2.99 using PayPal.


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About Elf Erotica

Concept art for the new line of Elf Erotica books.  Ragnara wants you!
Concept art for the new line of Elf Erotica books. Ragnara wants you!
General Readers version of the book.
Yeah, it’s censored. Go buy the book to see her naked.

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Elf Erotica is my new series of sexy elf stories.  The first (full-frontal, non-explicit) book is by me.  The ongoing series is by my friend Didi Solomon.  All of the f Elf Erotica deal with adult themes, issues, and language — and some of them (at least) are illustrated and feature (Gasp!) nudity and other stuff generally considered inappropriate for children.  Didi’s stories are sexually explicit.

So, don’t go buying these books if that kind of stuff bothers you!

Elf Erotica deals with the adventures of Faylicia and Fansuri, two elves looking for love in all the wrong places.  Well, at least Faye is always looking in the wrong places.  (Fanny generally has better luck.)

A “general readers” version of an illo from the Elf Erotica edition of “Elf Princess on Mars.”

Faye first appeared in the Crimson story, “Crimson & Dragons” (found here on Smashwords).  She is also the main character in the first Elf Erotica illustrated story, “Elf Princess on Mars.”  (The only EE story so far written by me, Steve Sullivan.)

The story is a rollicking sci-fi fantasy homage in the tradition of the pulps of the early 20th century. EPoM  is available in a special, illustrated Elf Erotica edition, as well as a “normal” prose edition (with fewer and less explicit illustrations).  Be sure to choose the version that’s right for you!

EPoM was released in early March, 2012. You can find the Kindle general audiences edition here, or the Kindle Elf Erotica edition here.  You can find the general edition for all e-book readers, including Kindle, here fore the general edition, or here for the Elf Erotica edition at Smashwords.

You can see a “tame” version of one of the e-book’s illos at right.  And below is an Elf Erotica illustration that I did to celebrate Mardi Gras 2012.

You can go to my gallery at Renderosity to see a larger version of the Mardi Gras illo (and other illos, too).  Click here for Faye’s Mardi Gras.  Or, if you’re an adult, and legally able to view nudity, you can click here for the “Send more beads!” version of the illo.

I’ve done the illustrations for Didi’s Elf Erotica books — one of which appears at the top of this page.

Fans of Elf Erotica may also want to check out Didi’s new adults-only animated series, Stone Sorceresss.  Click here for my Sara Slane – Stone Sorceress page, or here to go to Sara Slane’s Facebook Page or herere for the official Stone Sorceress page.  And don’t forget to check out my Time Wankers work, too!

Faye celebrates Mardi Gras on Mars.


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