This is the landing page for Atomic Tales and links Strange Invaders and UFOs Attack.

Welcome to Atomic Tales!

The latest and greatest in super-short, super-suspenseful, super-action packed SciFi monster and alien stories guaranteed to transport you back in time to the halcyon days of the 1950s — and maybe even to the far-flung futuristic 60s!

Join us as the dedicated agents of the Science Bureau (and the World Science Authority) protect the public from other-worldly menaces hailing from Teragon-only-knows where!

Giant bugs… Aliens… Mutant Monsters… Flying Saucers… Mad Scientists… They’re all in a day’s work for the Bureau!  Now you can join up and tag along, too!

The first series of stories is STRANGE INVADERS.  The second will be UFOS ATTACK.  And there are plenty more to follow!

Even better, all of the stories will be presented in audio format by filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm and his talented crew at

Use the links below to go to the series pages and read all the stories — and check out the audio, too!

A new FREE story every month!

They’re fast, they’re furious, and they’re packed  with mad science, monsters, and mayhem!

Tune in now for… ATOMIC TALES!

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