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Giant Monsters vs. Japan! A new chapter FREE every week!

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You’ve found the landing page for DAIKAIJU ATTACK also known as GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK, my serialized online Giant Monster story!  (For those of you not in the know, “Daikaiju” is Japanese for “giant monster.”)

THE STORY IS DONE!  Every week I posted a new chapter of the story for free on my website — www.stephendsullivan.com — right here.  All you need to do now is read it!  Don’t worry, many chapters are only about 1000 words long.  Even those of you who don’t like to read online should be able to handle it. 😉

New episodes were posted each weekend.  (I was shooting for every Friday, but nobody complained if it slipped a bit.  A new chapter was up by Sunday every week, for sure.)  Now you can find links to the episodes below!

And you can discuss those episodes — and everything giant monster related — on our Facebook Group, linked here.

Will there be more Daikaiju books?  That depends on you, the readers!  If support Daikaiju Attack grows, I have plans for at least 3 more story arcs beyond the first.

But, until those novels are written, you can read my short stories: “Daikaiju vs. Cthulhu” in Cthulhu Haiku II and “Kaiju vs. Kongu” in The Storyteller’s Anthology (which I’m currently only finding on Ebay).  I’m sure at some point I’ll put those into a collection, but for now, you can follow the links supplied.

So, it’s a great time to be a Giant Monster Fan!  Read one chapter a week, or binge them all!  Or grab the stories in your favorite print or eBook format!  Tell your friends — Tweet, post on Facebook, etc. — and help grow my giant monsters! 

Support all my stories! Click www.PaySteve.com & throw me a buck or two!

Use the handy links below to read your favorite chapters.

Daikaiju Attack – Episode 1 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 2 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 3
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 4 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 5 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 6
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 7 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 8 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 9
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 10 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 11 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 12
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 13 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 14 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 15
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 16 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 17 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 18
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 19 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 20 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 21
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 22Daikaiju Attack – Episode 23 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 24
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 25 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 26 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 27
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 28Daikaiju Attack – Episode 29 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 30
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 31Daikaiju Attack – Episode 32 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 33
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 34Daikaiju Attack – Episode 35 — Daikaiju Attack – Episode 36
Daikaiju Attack – Episode 37Daikaiju Attack – Episode 38 (Final Chapter!) 
About the Story — About 2About 3 (Last Installment)

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Run this banner on your site! Help promote DAIKAIJU ATTACK!
Help promote DAIKAIJU ATTACK! Run this banner on your site!
Help promote DAIKAIJU ATTACK! Run this banner on your site!
An alternate -- unused -- header design for Daikaiju Attack! Stay tuned as the headers evolve!
An alternate — unused — header design for Daikaiju Attack! Stay tuned as the headers evolve!
Original cover illustration.
Original cover illustration.
2nd version of cover illo.
2nd version of cover illo.

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