Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms is the first anthology set in an amazing, nautical fantasy world created by me (Steve Sullivan) & Jean Rabe. It features stories from 15 authors, including Robert E. Vardeman, J. Robert King, James M. Ward, Lorelei Shannon, Lester Smith, Steve Winter, and a host of others — including, of course, me and Jean. The book is filled with tales of action, adventure, magic, and — of course — pirates! POTBK is available in a new edition (with a new low price) from Walkabout Publishing or Amazon (through their main site and their CreateSpace division).

The Blue Kingdoms universe is a World-Sea filled with adventure and excitement! It is not unusual for islands, or even whole groups of islands, to suddenly appear or disappear. A civilization can spring up one day only to vanish the next. Additionally, the laws of science and magic can vary from one island (or area) to the next. The seas between the islands are plied by Freemariners(tm) — a hardy blend of merchants, mercenaries, and freebooters.

People who’ve enjoyed my other fantasy books will love this anthology. The book also gives a preview of the setting for my upcoming novel A Reliable Dragon.

Our award-winning crew of authors:

Robert E. Vardeman ~ J. Robert King ~ Lorelei Shannon ~ Lester Smith ~ Marc Tassin ~ Kathleen Watness ~ James M. Ward ~ Paul Genesse ~ Brandie Tarvin ~ Steve Winter ~ Dean Leggett ~ Jason Mical ~ Kelly Swails ~ and Jean Rabe & Stephen D Sullivan

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