Dungeons & Dragons - One of my first TSR projects. Editorial Team - Cover Copy - Writing - I did a lot of editing and then, later, very very many maps and graphics for D&D and other TSR products. (Cover by Erol Otus.)

I’ve worked professionally in publishing since 1980.  I was on staff at TSR, helped found Pacesetter, and worked for many major comic, game, and book publishers.  In all those years, I’ve amassed a long list of credits, and this page contains an ongoing list of my work.  But, it’s not complete.  Because I’ve been working in adventure-fantasy so long, I’ll start by hitting the highlights.  I’ll add more as I can in the future, but the list is very long (thus, I’ll also include at least one link to another page keeping track of some of what I’ve done).

If you’ve got a particular favorite that I’ve left of the list, let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll update it as I have time.  And, of course, you can find more about my current work on the other pages of this site.

BOOKS (Author)

The Scorpion
– Origins Award Nominee
The Phoenix
The Lion
– Origins Award Winner

The Dragon Isles Origins Award Nominee
The Dying Kingdom
The Goodlund Trilogy: Warrior’s Heart – Scribe Award Nominee
The Goodlund Trilogy: Warrior’s Blood
The Goodlund Trilogy: Warrior’s Bones – Scribe Award Nominee

Spider Riders: Shards of the Oracle
Spider Riders: Quest of the Earthen
Spider Riders: The Soul Eater

Racing Stripes – The Junior Novel
Thunderbirds – The Junior Novel
Fantastic 4 – The Junior Novel
Elektra – The Junior Novel
Iron Man – The Junior Novel – Scribe Award Nominee

14 books under longstanding house pseudonym

Luck O’ the Irish (novella)
Tournament of Death (“live” online novel)
Frost Harrow: Scream Lover (2012)
Frost Harrow: Die with Me (2012)
Frost Harrow: Ghouls (2012-13)


All the Crimson short stories, 2000-2011 under one cover.

“Crash of the Titans”
“Dr. Narcissus’ House of Mirrors”
“The Girl in the Mirror”
“Into the Fire”
“Last Call at Corona”
“Lost Child”
“Martian Knights”
“Renaissance Fear”
“Sisters in Arms”
“The Last Alchemist”
“Kidnapped by Saurians”
“The Road to the Crown”
Martian Knights & Other Tales (Anthology of my stories)
The Crimson Collection (Crimson stories from 2000-2011)
Blue Kingdoms anthologies (co-editor – co-creator – author)

Jolum the Fish “River Trilogy”
— “River of Death”
— “River of Flames”
— “River of Blood”
“Podo & the Magic Shield” – Origins Award Winner

COMICS (Author and, when noted, Other Things)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Writing TMNT was one of my best jobs, ever. (Cover by Bill Wray.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures
April O’Neil
Speed Racer (both series)
Racer X
Astro Boy
Solar: Man of the Atom
Dungeons & Dragons (original comic ads – unpublished series storyline)
Darkwing Duck
Rescue Rangers
Goof Troop
Scrooge McDuck
The Elementals (editor)
The Twilight Empire (creator – author – colorist – sometimes artist)
Dinosaur Island (creator – author)
Newstralia (co-creator – writer)
Time Wankers (creator – writer-artist)
Love Bites (co-creator – author)


CHILL - One of the most popular Pacesetter products. - Art Director, design team, graphics - I worked on every single Pacesetter product. (Cover by Jim Holloway.)

Dungeons & Dragons (editorial/design team – graphic arts)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
(editorial/design team – graphic arts)
Fiend Folio
(co-editor – uncredited)
Star Wars: Galaxy Guide 4 (design team)
Chill (editorial/design team – art direction)
Time Master (editorial/design team – art direction)
Star Ace (editorial/design team – art direction)
Wabbit Wampage (editorial/design team – art direction – cover artist)
Black Morn Manor (art direction – graphics)
“Ghost Tower of Inverness” (editor)
“Top Secret: Rapidstrike” (editor)
“B3 – Palace of the Silver Princess” (editorial team – art)
Dragonlance (many projects – graphic arts)
Tolkien RPG (many projects – graphic arts)
Marvel RPG (many projects – graphic arts)

This linked page contains details of many of my game credits (but is not complete).


Uncanny Radio (co-host & co-creator) – 42 episodes

…& Many, Many More in Most of the Above Categories!

Stay tuned for updates on past work – and new work as well.

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