The Accursed Triton named Umira in a tough spot.

The Blue Kingdoms are populated with many of the familiar fantasy races, as well as a number of unique and unusual ones.

AL-KABAR — Dog-headed people from a hierarchical, martial society, famed for their loyalty and xenophobia.

AL-QIIST — Cat-headed people from a Machiavellian, mystical society, famed for their mischievousness and xenophobia.

BASILISKS — A lizard-like humanoid race of warriors and mercenaries.

DRAGONS — There are many dragons of various types in the Blue Kingdoms, some most common (though dragons are never actually common) are firedrakes, frostyarls, and dracoelectrum.

DRAGONKYN — A dragon-like humanoid race famous for their scheming.

DWARVES — Dwarves are divided into five traditional kingdoms: Earth (Irdro), Wind (Haldro), Fire (Bolgdro), Water (Luvdro), and Darkness (Smirdro). Each kingdom specializes in dealings with the element they are named for.

ELEMENTALS — These magical creatures composed of wind, earth, fire, or water vary in size and power. Small specimens have specific names: Sprites, Kobolds, Salamanders, Mero or Mera.

ELVES — Elves are tall, fair, kick-ass folk. Their original homeland was destroyed and became the Alarion’s Ring archipelago. There are nine original Ancestor Nations: five Old Nations and five Young Nations.

FAERIES & GOBLINS — Are powerful supernatural creatures who live in a different dimension (most of the time).

GNOMES — Gnomes are a small race of gregarious people, who specialize in trading and building small, useful items.

JENRATS — Jenrats are an evil cross-breed of humans and goblins. They are thin, wiry creatures with matted hair, and shabby clothing. They have nasty temperaments, bad habits, and no redeeming qualities.

OGRES (and half-ogres) — Ogres are large brutish creatures that tend to have nasty tempers, though not all are evil.

SENDALL — Sendall are a race of highly evolved, intelligent snakes.

SIRENS — Sirens are a race of winged people with soft, downy feathers where humans have hair. They are generally sleek and slender. They have great philosophers and warriors and live in the clouds.

TRITONS — Tritons are merfolk. Standard tritons are the most like humans. They have smooth, pale skin and the usual number of fingers and toes. The Favored have human top-halves, but their bottom halves are those of great fish. The Accursed are more fishy than standard tritons — they often have scales, and other non-human fish traits. Starwatchers are tritons who, through magical means, can live out of water.

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