A raft of scary sailing stories!

Blue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters is the second anthology set in the amazing, nautical fantasy world created by me (Steve Sullivan) & Jean Rabe. It features stories from 12 authors, including Robert E. Vardeman, James M. Ward, Lorelei Shannon, Paul Genesse, and a host of others — including, of course, me and Jean. The book is filled with spine-chilling tales of ghosts, spirits, and things best left unnamed! BK:S&S is available from Walkabout Publishing and at Amazon.com.

People who have enjoyed my other fantasy books will love this anthology. The book also gives a preview of the setting for Steve’s upcoming novel A Reliable Dragon.

Our award-winning Shades crew:

Robert E. Vardeman ~ Lorelei Shannon ~ Marc Tassin ~ Kathleen Watness ~ James M. Ward ~ Paul Genesse ~ Brandie Tarvin ~ Dean Leggett ~ Jason Mical ~ Kelly Swails ~ and Jean Rabe & Stephen D Sullivan

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