An overview map of the Blue Kingdoms.

The map above covers a vast area of the World-Sea many thousands of miles wide. The colors delineate the common names for the island groupings. The people of the World-Sea used these names the same way we would use names of continents. Within each area lie many archipelagos and individual islands. Islands are fewer and further between in the blue areas. The deep blue areas are deep ocean trenches. The light blue areas are nations of people that live in the clouds (Giants and Sirens). There are seas beyond the seas shown here, though the islands are fewer and the oceans far more tempestuous.

The second map (below) shows the Coraltooth Archipelago (from Steve’s A Reliable Dragon) with shading that corresponds to the larger map. A version of the map without the overlay can be viewed at Steve’s A Reliable Dragon page. (The lightly shaded islands appear in Steve’s novel and are off limits to other BK authors — except for the Isles of the Black Cliffs. Sorry!) From the scale on the second map, you can see this world is very, very large.

The Coraltooth Archipelago - Detail Map.

Alarion’s Ring is a ring of islands that is homeland to the elves. It surrounds Souls’ Deep, where elves believe their souls go after death.

The Azure Sea surrounds the core islands of the Blue Kingdoms. The nature (and supernature) of the Azure Sea tends to be very stable.

Colossa is an island famed for its huge arena and its questionable morals. People travel from all over the World-Sea to watch and compete in the spectacles.

The Core a.k.a. The Blue Kingdoms — The core islands are the most stable in all the seas, both in terms of politics, and in terms of not often vanishing from the ocean (without warning).

Dragonholm is the far distant home of good dragons.

Isle of Prophecy is home to the schools of wizardry, training grounds of the most powerful (good) wizards in the world. It is nearly impossible to reach without a magical invitation.

Izanti’s Isle is the home of the Great Wizard Izanti. It is featured in Steve’s upcoming novel A Reliable Dragon.

Giantheim is the legendary home of the giant race – some good, some bad.

The Monster Isles are home to all sorts of bad things. You’ll be lucky if you return with your ship in one piece. This area is full of wild magic and strange seas.

The Razor Islands are one of the main pirate strongholds in the Northern Verge. A perilous handful of rocks jutting out of the sea. The reefs surrounding the isles have doomed many a ship, and help keep the pirates out of prison.

Solitania features in one of Steve’s upcoming storylines. The people there are xenophobic and cut off from the rest of the World-Sea. (Don’t even reference this land in your stories. Sorry!)

Wild Seas refers to all the seas beyond the scope of the main map. These seas are dangerous and savage places, where islands frequently appear and disappear. The homeland of the elves, Alarion’s Ring, lies in the eastern Wild Seas.

Vyrmgard is the far distant home of evil dragons.


The climate of the Blue Kingdoms area ranges from tropical in the Far Reaches (north), to temperate northern (New England) in the Coraltooth Archipelago (south). The climate in the Core islands is Mediterranean (like Italy or Greece).

However, some islands in the strange seas of the Blue Kingdoms have weather influenced by magic, either natural enchantments or spells designed by the past, present, or future inhabitants. Some island even have “cursed” weather — weather far out of the norm for the area — that has been inflicted upon them by a powerful enemy or god.


The following are examples of some Blue Kingdoms flora & fauna from Steve and Jean’s stories.

daggertooth shark — a man-sized predator known to bite first and ask questions later

dewsap tree — a maple-like, rapidly growing softwood found throughout the Blue Kingdoms, especially in the south. Covers most of East Ardannel in the Coraltooth Archipelago.

ori — golden plumed bird native to El Orosto; sacred to the Golden Order

prickleberry bush — native to the Coraltooth Archipelago

purple tern — a purple and white seabird with avaricious & aggressive tendencies

redfin shark — a small and speedy predator, known to attack man if provoked

ravager shark a.k.a. ravager — a particularly vicious type of large man-eating shark

sea tamarin — a squirrel sized monkey-like creature that lives in the sea. They are amphibious, able to breathe air or water, and often live on shores, reefs, or quays. They are mischievous and clever. They often live in packs (or schools).

silver porpoise — a friendly, intelligent sea mammal

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