Luck o' the Irish - 2010 Edition

Luck o’ the Irish is available as both a paperback and an e-book. Both are available on Amazon currently.  A new edition will be coming out in September 2010.  (Collectors take note!)  The book is available on the Walkabout Publishing site, too.

This hard-boiled modern fantasy tells the tale of Shawn O’Gale, a peripatetic gambler from Boston who is either the luckiest man in the world or the unluckiest. Read the story and decide for yourself, as Shawn and his heirloom golden pocketwatch travel from New England to Las Vegas. There, they meet sexy women, dangerous gangsters, some very hard-to-kill hired thugs, a hungry coyote, and a mad Russian. Can even his lucky Boston Celtics starter jacket and backpack get Shawn out of this fix?

Luck is a personal favorite among the books I’ve written. (It’s also my Mom’s favorite, for what that’s worth.  She’s not big into the “high fantasy” I often write. ) So, Luck is a great starting point for becoming familiar with my work.  It features the usual Sullivan trademarks: handsome and clever men, smart and beautiful women, dastardly villains, ,  monsters (of a sort), tons of action & adventure, a bit of sex, and just a touch of magic.  Pick it up today using this link!

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