Frost Harrow Book 1 – SCREAM LOVER – Ch.19

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Ivy threw open the door to her room and caught the phone before it stopped ringing.

“Hello?” she said breathlessly.

“Ivy? Hi. It’s Grant.”

She smiled. “Oh, hi, Grant. I was afraid you were going to hang up.” She took a couple of deep breaths and put her hand over her heart.

“I was about to. I’d let it ring a long time.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t. I was downstairs using the treadmill. I ran across half the wing to get here.”

“You should get yourself an answering machine.”

“Why? No one important ever calls.”

“Until recently, you mean.”

She blushed and flounced down on her bed, being careful not to disconnect the phone. “Until recently.”

“So, how are you? I was a little worried.”

“I’m a bit winded right now,” she said, wiping the sweat from her forehead. “But otherwise I’ve been okay. Why do you ask?”

“I ran into Cassie a bit earlier. She said she’d been trying to find you most of the day.”

Ivy rolled on her stomach and frowned. “You did? Where?”

“Down at the Green Leaf Tea Room. I was having a bite to eat, and she just walked in.”

Ivy arched her eyebrows and adjusted the fit of her jogging shorts. “With such a great kitchen staff, you have to eat out?”

On the other end of the line, Grant chuckled. “Every now and again it’s good for the king to go down amongst mere mortals. Anyway, she was looking for you. At least that’s what she said she was doing.”

“And what do you think she was doing?”

“I think she was looking for me.”

“And…?” Ivy said, holding her breath.

“Well, she found me. But I don’t think she got what she was looking for.”

Ivy exhaled. “Good.”

“Of course, I could be wrong,” Grant said. “We Winslows think pretty highly of our sex appeal. Did she ever get in touch with you?”

“No. I haven’t heard from her. I was at Tony’s all day, though. Then I decided to work out when I got home.” Talking to Grant was making her feel warmer than the workout had. She rolled onto her back and let her hands stray lightly over her tummy.

“So you’re okay, then?”

She licked her lips. “Yes, I’m fine.”

“Good. Can I see you tomorrow?”

Ivy felt beads of perspiration breaking gently on her body. “Um… Maybe. We’ll have to see if anything else comes up. Why don’t we play it by ear.”

“Okay. Call if you get a chance.”

She gave her right breast a squeeze with her free hand. The motion caused her cast to pinch. A slight pain shot up her arm. “I will.”

“Goodnight, Ivy.”

“Goodnight, Grant.”

She hung up the phone and masturbated to a shuddering orgasm. Then she fell soundly asleep.

But as she began to doze, she noticed the fire still burned inside her.


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