Monster Kid Radio 500 & Catching Up with MKR and Me

Life has been so busy during this crazy year (2020 — as if I needed to tell you!), that some cool and important things have inevitably fallen through the cracks.  One of them has been my appearances on Derek M. Koch’s MONSTER KID RADIO, which regular readers (and listeners) know sits near or at the top of my Favorite Podcasts list ( along with with The Naschy Cast, B-Movie Cast, and several others).

Fortunately, I’ve managed to free up my brain enough to remember to celebrate MONSTER KID RADIO’S 500th SHOW — which appeared online last week, free (as always) for everyone to listen to.  WOW!  500 shows!  It includes a pile of call-ins celebrating the milestone, and also an EPIC Classic 5 discussion of favorite monsters and films recorded at the 2019 Monster Bash convention.

I can hardly tell you how wonderful it was to hear me and Derek just sitting around chatting with our friends Dominique Lamssies, Chris McMillan, Tracey and Scott Morris, Rich Chamberlain, Jeff Owen, Mitch Gonzales, Steve Turek, Ben Turek, and MKR regular contributor Kenny.  After 9 months of isolation, it was a warm reminder of springs to come when we’ve got vaccinated and the world can (hopefully) return to some semblance of “normal.”

So, if you didn’t click one of the links above already, click this one NOW and listen to MONSTER KID RADIO #500 — or grab it through iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

And, since I’m mentioning MKR, I might as well catch up on a show or two that I appeared on and didn’t break out into their own site posts.

My next appearance on MKR will almost certainly be when Derek and I announce the fan-voted results of the MONSTER RALLY RETRO AWARDS (the “Rallies”) — and with luck, I’ll even remember to post that here as soon as it happens.

But until then, you may want to check out THE MONSTER RALLY RETRO AWARDS NOMINATIONS for this year, citing films in the years 1936, 1946, and 1956 in MKR #491.  Click here to go to that fun and cool show.  (And forgive me/ for saying “Lionel Atwill” when I/we meant “Lionel Barrymore” during that show — and forgive Derek for not catching it before the show posted, too.  Honest to God, I called him the minute I heard the final show and the mistake, which is why there was a correction in )

Before that, I dropped in on MKR #486 The Vault of Horror with Larry Underwood, PLUS Stephen D. Sullivan’s Dr. Cushing’s Chamber of Horrors to talk about Cushing Horrors and the release of the 1st Dr. Cushing book in print and ebook.  You can click here to hook up with that show.

And before that, I had a show I did post about, MKR #466, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, and you can read my post about that and find the links here.

So… Aside from maybe a call-in or two, I think we’re caught up on MKR, now, just in time for show #500 and the upcoming Rally Awards.

Thanks for joining us!

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