My interview with Disney Indiana on my Marvel & Disney Work

It was my great pleasure to talk to my friend Tracey (and through the interview her husband, Scott) about the comics and novels that I’ve written featuring Disney and Marvel characters — including Darkwing Duck, the Rescue Rangers, Fantastic 4, and Iron Man, among others.

Click on this link to go to their site and listen to the episode.  You might also want to subscribe to their excellent podcast.

Learn a few of the “secrets” of writing for such well-known properties.  And find out what Marvel didn’t want you to know about the film Iron Man.

Just to round things out, here’s a list of my Marvel novelizations (all are Junior Novels):

Fantastic 4
Iron Man (nominated for the Scribe Award for excellence in Tie-In writing)

And her’s a list of my known Disney Afternoon comics published.  (I had numerous others completed but never — or perhaps published later without my knowledge… Or things I just missed somehow.)  All of these issues are from the original Marvel Disney Afternoon series.

DISNEY AFTERNOON #7 – Gadget in “Race Ace” and Goof Troop in “The Toys of Summer”
DISNEY AFTERNOON #8 – Darkwing Duck in “Beating Beets” (cover story)
DISNEY AFTERNOON #9 – Rescue Rangers in “Haunted Mouses” (2-chapter cover story)

(Issues 7 & 9 also feature stories by my pal Jerry Novick.)

I had a great time writing these stories, and had quite a number of finished scripts approved when the Marvel-Disney relationship broke down, and the series was cancelled.  Now that the two are together again, I’d love to see the rest of my stories completed and published.

Feel free to leave comments.  Enjoy!

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