Monster Kid Radio: SUPERNATURAL & Radio Free Oleander Interview

Ack!  I’ve fallen behind in talking about shows and interviews I’ve done!  How will you listen if I don’t tell you that they’re there?!

First up is one of my favorite venues MONSTER KID RADIO, where I talk about the 1933 pre-code hidden gem SUPERNATURAL with Carole Lombard and Randolph Scott.  How had neither Derek M. Koch or I ever seen this film before?  Even in today’s media-rich environment, there are still things that can fly under the radar, and this is one you’ll definitely want to see.  So, click the link above, give a listen, and find out all about it.

Then you can check out Radio Free Oleander’s S13E4 interview with me.  We do a brief overview of my career as well as a longer discussion of DR. CUSHING’S CHAMBER OF HORRORS and a bit of my usual rambling about various subjects and other books and projects I’ve worked on (including ATOMIC TALES).  Naturally, I also have to mention my modern-retro filmmaker buddies Christopher R. Mihm and Joshua Kennedy.

Y’all know I love doing these kind of interviews, so hopefully I’ll have some more audio goodness for you soon.  Until then… Enjoy!

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