Frost Harrow Book 1 – SCREAM LOVER – Ch.29

Welcome to FROST HARROW, my new modern (1990s) gothic horror series!


Ivy awoke to find herself on a lonely road winding through a dark, humid woodland. The road beneath her feet was wet, as though it had rained recently. The pavement felt warm—more warm than it should at night.

I must find the crossroads, Ivy thought, though she had no idea why.

She started to jog down the road. The movement felt good in her nude body, warming her torso and loosening her limbs.

The reason came to her. Someone’s waiting for me at the crossroads. My lover.

Rain began to fall, a hot rain. Thunder rolled in the distance behind her. Thunder… and another sound as well. Hoof beats. Distant hoof beats.

It was coming for her. The nightmare was coming.

Ivy began to run. The rain on the road made it slick. She had trouble keeping her footing.

The hoof beats came closer now. She could hear breathing as well. Deep, heavy breathing, like some monstrous animal.

The rain turned to hail, small at first, then building to the size of peas. It pelted Ivy’s naked body, stinging her skin. She threw her arms over her head to protect herself and kept running.

The hail made the street worse. It was like running on wet marbles now.

Ivy feared that at any minute she’d fall, and the creature would catch her.

She could almost feel its hot breath on her back, smell its oppressive musky odor, hear its bestial voice in the wind.

You summoned me. We were made for each other. You know you want it. Why run?

Ivy kept running headlong into the black night.


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