Happy 91st Birthday, Ray Harryhausen!

June 29, 2011 No Comments »

7th Voyage of Sinbad TrailerSpecial effects master Ray Harryhausen had a profound effect on my life.  His pioneering work was instrumental into steering me into fantasy story telling, and his movies (all of them) remain among my favorites.  I even dedicated a book featuring a clockwork titan to him and Stan Lee (Paul McComas is coming over to watch a Ray film (or several) today, in honor of the Great Man’s birthday.  As I have (probably too often) pointed out to my children: today, the credits for a special effects film crew can run for 5 minutes.  On Ray’s pictures, all of that was covered by one title card and done by just one man:  Ray Harryhausen.

Happy Birthday, Ray — and many happy returns of the day!

Here’s the trailer from what is probably my favorite Harryhausen film.  (Though choosing one is like picking a favorite relative.)

And here are the links to Ray’s site, his IMDB page, his Wikipedia page, and — a personal fave — his Creature List.

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