Frost Harrow Book 2 – DIE WITH ME – Ch.16

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Tony Frost woke up without realizing he’d slept. It was dark outside, and a harsh rain pattered against the windows. He shivered and got up off the couch to make a fire.

He yawned and stretched, noticing his neck still felt stiff. At least the pain in his chest had gone. He looked at the box on the mantelpiece, and a momentary twinge of regret sprang up in his breast.

Glory’s soft voice spoke from behind him.

“Paint me,” she whispered.

Tony hadn’t perceived that she was in the room. He spun to find her standing before him naked, light from the nascent fire dancing across her body.

He picked up a new canvas and set it on his easel.

She glided across the room and sat on a stool, spreading her legs like a flower opening.

A fine sheen of sweat began to break out on Tony’s head.

So, why do I feel so cold? he wondered.


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