January 2021 Mini-Reviews – After the Thin Man to Green for Danger

It’s early February as I write this (though I’ll be posting after mid-month), and 2021 is off to a good start for movies & shows.

Once again,  Monster Kid Radio’s Derek M. Koch has boosted my number with the Monster Kid Movie Club doing all-day Saturday shows and 2 movies Tuesday nights.  I hope and expect that will continue.

I also continued my (mostly) weekly (mostly Naschy) movie watch with friend, fellow author, and film professor David Annandale.  David puts up great summaries of our viewing — and his thoughts about them — on his site and Facebook.  And it didn’t hurt that TCM was doing a mystery month.  I love me some classic mystery movies!

With all that going and more to come, it’s possible that 2021 will be another banner movie-watching year.  You’ll just have to follow along and find out how it turns out.

Ratings are out of five stars. Here’s what those stars mean to me…

* – This film is not good. Avoid it unless you tolerate dreck well.
** – A flawed film. You may enjoy it if you like this genre or the folks in it.
*** – A good solid film. If you like this genre, you’ll probably like this film.
**** – A superior film within its genre. Thoroughly enjoyable.
***** – An outstanding film on many levels. A great example of its genre.

After the Thin Man ***** Nick & Nora take their second case to help a family friend accused of killing her cheating husband. Great couple chemistry.
Death Kiss, The *** Murder mystery on a movie set with usual mix of era comedy & thrills. David Manners is good. Lugosi appears as studio exec.
Bowery at Midnight, The *** Lugosi is playing both sides as professor studying the slums & villain exploiting them with a touch of horror added.
Suspense “A Cask of Amontillado” *** Adaptation of the classic Poe story is told in flashback, giving away the game, but features rare Lugosi TV role.
Invisible Ghost, The **** Lugosi’s missing wife turns up now & again to trigger psychotic breaks turning him into murderer. Good cast in interesting twist.
Bride of the Monster **** Bad in some ways, but also one of Ed Wood’s best, with giant octopus & Lugosi aiming to create a race of atomic supermen.
Return of the Ape Man *** Lugosi & John Carradine revive a dead Neanderthal, but Lugosi also wants to give him a new brain. Mad science ensues.
Corpse Vanishes, The *** Lugosi is kidnapping virginal brides before their wedding nights to create potion that keeps his ancient wife forever young.
Drive-In Massacre ** Mad killer loose at a drive-in theater. Plenty of gore. About what you’d expect with no real surprises.
Bell, Book, and Candle **** Kim Novak’s modern NYC witch seduces Jimmy Stewart with unforeseen results. Great witch-hipster stuff with Jack Lemon.
Discovery (Season 3) **** Discovery gets a little more like Star Wars but also has some great stories. Finally, this series is on its own for the better.
I Was a Teenage Werewolf **** Michael Landon is the prototype JD werewolf in this low-budget classic. Sadly, hard to see due to rights issues.
Gorgo **** This film that echoes King Kong has a great giant monster suit as Gorgo is taken for exhibit to London with surprise twist.
Gammera the Invincible *** Classic giant flying turtle movie with good FX & catchy song. Docked one star for boring US-added scenes that slow the film.
Return of the Giant Monsters **** The first appearance of Gyaos, the flying “vampire” kaiju as he battles Gamera is a classic of the genre. Lots of fun.
Destroy All Planets (G. vs. Viras) *** Gamera becomes a kids’ series (originally titled Gamera vs. Viras) as aliens kidnap kids & bring squid-like kaiju to earth.
Attack of the Monsters (G. vs. Guiron) *** Brain-eating aliens kidnap kids & Gamera & take them to planet where they battle Guiron & silver Gyaos. Silly kiddy fun.
Ultra Q ***** Innovative fantasy/SF/giant monster series has team investigating all sorts of strange phenomena. Almost like the Twilight Zone meets the Outer limits meets Godzilla or pre-X-Files X-Files. Kicked off the Ultra Man series which runs to this day.
Project Moon Base *** Some of Heinlein’s initial work shows through, but rewrites & direction play up 50s sexism, sadly.
Star Odyssey * Mishmash of aliens “selling” earth & kidnapping people & some Star Wars ripoff stuff. Wiki recap makes more sense than film.
Clue **** Mystery-comedy based on the board game is pretty silly, but quite amusing. And the triple ending makes it all worthwhile.
Ten Little Indians (1966) *** Christie’s classic mystery moved to a mountain retreat. Strong cast, though not as good as 1945 adpation. Great who dunnit.
Another Thin Man **** 3rd Nick & Nora. Sheldon Leonard’s gangster livens up this mystery of who killed a financial advisor. Funny baby party scene.
Shadow of the Thin Man **** 4th Nick & Nora. A jockey’s death at the racetrack leads to one of my favorite Nora lines & intriguing mystery for Nick to solve.
Thin Man Goes Home, The **** 5th Nick & Nora. When a young man dies on Nick’s doorstep he must unravvel the mystery & connedtion to a desired painting.
Curse of the Devil *** Around the middle of Naschy’s werewolf series. Starts with medieval witch killing & then to 1900s where werewolf curse dogs the descendant of the medieval knight hero. Plenty of beautiful (nude) women & great werewolf makeup. Transitions sloppy.
Song of the Thin Man *** 6th & final Nick & Nora has a murder aboard a gambling ship. The couple is great, but the “feel” isn’t quite the same.
Skeleton of Mrs. Morales, The **** Thriller with comedy elements about taxidermist & his shrewish wife who won’t divorce him. Beautifullly shot & fab ending.
Invasion of the Vampires *** Beautiful, atmospheric cinematography highlights story about vampire preying on family & eventually mass rising. Curt ending.
100 Cries of Terror ** Anthology with only 2 segments & both of them stretched too far. Not bad, per say, but take too long to get to their twists.
Aztec Mummy, The (La Momia Azteca) *** Hypnotic regression of Aztec princess leads to mummy resurrection & criminal scheme to nab treasure. Nice production values.
Creature of the Living Dead *** Doctor revives ghoulish “doctor” from earlier time who lives forever by draining the life from young women. Euro horror.
Falcon’s Brother, The *** Famous detective’s brother arrives to deal with spies. Treat to see real life bros George Sanders & Tom Conway together.
Gorilla, The *** Lugosi is deadpan butler in this mystery/comedy with the Ritz Brothers seeking criminal “The Gorilla” & real gorilla, too. Funny.
Snow Creature, The ** The first yeti movie is part travelogue & part King Kong & comes close to being quite good, but monster costume is a letdown.
Unknown Island *** Great cast including Richard Denning & Barton MacLane as adventurers looking for dinosaurs (men in dino suits). Colorful fun.
Penguin Pool Murders, The *** Edna Mae Oliver is a schoolmarm who stumbles into a murder at the zoo & helps cops solve it. First in a series with her.
Murder Ahoy **** Dame Margaret Rutherford is a hoot in the last of her 4 outings as Miss Marple, solving shipboard murders this time.
Mystery of the 13th Guest, The *** Some nice twists & turns in this story about inheritance & guests ad a party years ago being mysteriously killed off one-by-one.
Inquisition ***** Paul Naschy wrote, directed, & stars in moody shocker about the French Inquisition vs. witches they both create & persecute.
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein ** Monster-maker’s daughter in the US Old West carries on her experiments with a friend of Jesse James as monster. Okay.
Hell of Frankenstein, The ** Criminal seeking revenge uses a Frankenstein monster, Orlak, as remote control revenge aka Orlak, Hell of Frankenstein.
Frankenstein (1910) *** Edison company did this first film adaptation of the monster maker. Brief but entertaining with good production values.
Wayward Frankenstein *** Short. Boy whose father doesn’t show up for his birthday instead befriends the Frankenstein Monster, who fulfills his hopes.
Mystery & Imagination: Frankenstein **** Ian Holme plays both creator & creature in this TV adaptation which is, within its budget, quite faithful to the original book.
Frankenstein, the Vampire, & Company ** Spanish horror comedy owes a lot to Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, & when it veers away from that, it’s not so good.
Before Midnight *** Ralph Bellamy is a detective solving murders that seem timed to midnight & their connection to inheritance & hidden identities.
Phantom of Crestwood, The *** Radio show cliffhanger led to this film, solving the mystery. Woman blackmailing 4 lovers is killed & mystery face stalks survivors.
Mystery House *** Murder at a hunting lodge that’s snowed in strands all the suspects together. Some interesting camerawork & sets. Interesting.
Crawling Eye, The *** Solid suspense monster movie based on British serial. People in the alps are menaced by mysterious cloud & titular monsters.
Milpitas Monster, The ** Human garbage forms itself into a menacing monster in this low-budget effort with some stop motion. That helps, but not much.
Kennel Murder Case, The *** Philo Vance solve a murder related to a dog show at his kennel club. Pre-Thin Man William Powell makes it worth watching.
Orgy of the Living Dead *** Man’s inheritance complicated by murder & hangers-on, inc. Naschy, countess, scientist & daughter. AKA The Hanging Woman.
Out of this World **** An angelic character makes a bet with a devilish character about tempting salesman on Earth. Sales training short.
Zip Code with the Swingin’ Six *** “The Swinging’ Six” singers do numbers that now seem high camp to promote the US’s new Zip Code program in this short.
Curse of Bigfoot ** More than 10 years later, a director decides to wrap Teenagers Against the Thing with new footage to make a bigfoot film. Ugh.
Half Human (1955) *** Ishiro Honda’s film about pursuing and capturing a yeti is one of the best yeti/bigfoot films, but hard to see today because of ugly portrayal of caste minority in Japan. It features a lot of familiar actors from Godzilla and other kaiju films. Worth seeking out.
Legend of Boggy Creek *** The first of the “true” bigfoot exploitation films of the 70s looks good in restoration & gets an extra star for being first.
Creature from Black Lake *** Surprisingly good low-budget film. Chicago college students go south to seek legendeary monster. Some Cinema Verite feel.
Horrors of Spider Island *** A bevy of models & their manager are stranded on island with deadly spider & were-spider. German version has bonus nudity.
Earth vs. the Spider (Sven) **** One of my favorite Bert I. Gordon films as giant cave-dwelling spider threatens teens & town. Watch out for DDT! Good bug flick.
Green for Danger **** Alistair Sim is a slightly comic, self-deprecating police inspector investigating the murder of an OR nurse & patient. Good payoff.

So, total is 62 films/series/notable shorts for the month.  Off to another good start — might even rival last year’s.  But, as I said up top, you’ll just have to stay tuned and see how it works out.

Next Month: February is short, but the nights are long, and I finish off the final season of Korra for a start.  Meet me back here for the rest!

And hopefully, I’ll get around to posting the reviews earlier in February, too.

Until then… Stay Safe!  Stay Well! Mask up!

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