Monster Kid Radio 502 – Rally Awards 2020

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about Monster Kid Radio here… And because I had a part in show #500, and used that opportunity to catch up on some shows I hadn’t posted about, it hasn’t been that long.  But, the Monster Rally Retro Awards are always worth posting about!

So, here’s a link with me and show host Derek M. Koch revealing the winners for MKR’s 2020 RALLY AWARDS!

The show covers movies, actors, actresses, directors, and monsters from 1936, 1946, and 1956.

We both hope it’s something you’ll really enjoy — and maybe you’ll even find out about some films or performances that you didn’t know about before.

And, if you’re into streaming, you can check out Derek’s Twitch channel here: .. Currently, it features a Tuesday SF movie night and films from afternoon to the evening on every Saturday.  All FREE!

You might even find me hanging out there from time to time.  (Grin!)

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