Frost Harrow Book 1 – SCREAM LOVER – Ch.37

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Cassie’s blue eyes grew wide as Grant kissed her.

Ivy stared into the rain, smiling beatifically.

It was nice her friends were getting along so well.

But deep inside, she knew something was wrong, though she couldn’t imagine what it might be.

As the kiss continued, Cassie’s body writhed and shook.

A light pierced the darkness of Ivy’s soul. It blared at her from some forgotten distance, cutting through the storm like a light through the fog.

The lighthouse.

No. Only a headlight.


Terror flooded Cassie as the demon sucked away at her soul.

She felt the life draining from her body.

Why didn’t Ivy do something?!

Cassie tried to scream, but no sound came out.

The demon’s rough tongue probed down her throat, choking her. Its hands explored her body with terrible familiarity.

A dark fire welled up inside her…


Grant spun the jeep to a stop, unbuckled his seatbelt, and leapt out the driver’s side door.

His mind could barely comprehend the scene the jeep’s one good headlight revealed to him. Ivy and Cassie stood naked in the middle of the road before him, the rain and lightning crashing around them. Ivy seemed to be in some kind of trance.

But Cassie… A terrible horse-headed beast clutched her in its dark arms. The monster had its mouth pressed against hers. Cassie’s body shuddered, convulsing as the creature caressed her nude form.

Grant ran forward, wishing he’d had time to fetch the tire iron out of his trunk.

“Hey, you! Let go of her!” he screamed.

The beast didn’t release her; it merely turned its blazing red eyes on the last of the Winslows.

Grant’s knees went weak. He gasped for breath. His chest felt crushed and heavy. Yellow vapor rose from his mouth into the rain-soaked air. He collapsed at Ivy’s feet, two yards from his goal.

The demon smiled.


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