Frost Harrow Book 1 – SCREAM LOVER – Ch.36

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Grant came to behind the wheel of the moving jeep, unsure for a moment where he was.

The forest of Winslow Hills flashed past his windows. He quickly recognized the familiar terrain. How had he missed the turn-off to Cassie’s house? Why didn’t he remember the past few minutes?

He thought for a moment that he should turn the car back and head for the hospital. But something impelled him onward.

A faint music filled his skull. It didn’t come from the radio. Grant couldn’t identify the source. Something about sharks… and white teeth.

Ivy was in trouble. Grant felt it deep within his bones. He could follow the music, he realized with a start. If he followed the music, he’d find her.

He put the pedal to the metal and tore straight ahead into the storm-tossed night.


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