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As you probably know, if you’ve been following my free newsletter, I’m attempting to release at least one new project every month this year.  So far, it’s going well, and I’ve got a lot of rest of the year already scheduled (at least in my own mind).  But that got me wondering: How long have I already been doing one new release a month?  (I should point out that I’m counting artwork — like the piece at the top of this post — as a “new release” only if it’s a cover for a new or revised book or e-book.)  So, I decided to do a little research, starting with the spring of 2010.  The results surprised me; so I’m sharing them with you below.  (As well as giving you a hint on the project I’m releasing today or tomorrow.)

March 2010
“Sisters in Arms” (e-book)
“The Gift of the Dragons” (e-book)April 2010
“Crash of the Titans”
“Forever Crimson” (e-book)

June 2010
Festival at Wolfnacht (e-book)
The Blood-Red Isle (e-book)
“The Gates of Paradise” (e-book)

August 2010
Stalking the Wild Hare – “Time War”

September 2010
“Ares Zone-A”
“Monster Shark”
“Ghosts of 9/11” (e-book)
Luck o’ the Irish  (e-book)

October 2010
Uncanny Encounters: Roswell  (e-book)
Tricks & Treats (e-book collection)

November 2010
Stephen D. Sullivan Story Sampler (revised since, as needed)
“Crimson & Dragons”

December 2010
Blue Kingdoms: Mages & Magic — “The Last Alchemist”
Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns (re-release of e-book)


January 2011
Martian Knights & Other Tales (re-release e-book – revised cover)

February 2011
“Kidnapped by Saurians”
Unforgettable (by Paul McComas – Publisher)

March 2011
“The Gift of the Dragons” (re-release of e-book with new cover)

April 2011
“Thor Loser”

So, the answer is: I’ve been putting out at least one new project every month since August of 2010.  And, if I’d been more careful with my “spacing,” I could have been doing so since I started my e-book push in March of 2010.  Ah, well!  Look for an “I’ve been doing this for a year!” woot in August.


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