TOURNAMENT OF DEATH Kickstarter – Write a Novel with Me!

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TOURNAMENT OF DEATH Kickstarter – Write a Novel with Me!


Will the basilisks send a champion to the Tournament Maximus? (And if they do, will she be wearing more?)

My Kickstarer project — Tournament of Death 1 & 2  — is now live!  Click these sentences to support me!  (Or to find out more.)

During 16 glorious days in July & August, 2012, I will be writing a new novel, Tournament of Death 2, live online with the  help and encouragement of fans & supporters.  I’ll be publishing a chapter a day for the duration of the summer games.  I will also be gathering the chapters of TOD#1 and putting them into e-book form.  Then, when all that is done, I’ll be preparing exclusive print-omnibus editions of the books in hardcover and softcover for my backers.  People joining this project will get to help shape the story as it goes through a special, exclusive website.  Many will get their names in the Special Thanks section of the books.  Some will help create traps, challenges, or even characters.

If, that is, IF my Kickstarter succeeds.  We have only 2 weeks to fund it — because the Tournament is nearly upon us!

Won’t you click here and join this event as an Interested Bystander, an Attendee, or even an Honored Guest?  (Or more!)


I hope to see you all on July 23rd, when the Kickstarter ends, and on July 27th, when the prelude to the Tournament begins!


The Midknights will be sending champions to the Tournament Maximus. Will you?

Umira the Accursed, Brion Wilde, and Crimson all took part in the first Tournament Maximus. Help choose who participates in this one!

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