STEAM NATIONS Busting Out All Over!

Kit gets in a bit of trouble with "The Last Ranodon."
Zoe builds a robot & loses her heart.

No sooner has my free Crimson promotion ended than I’ve got another treat for you — not one but two steampunk stories from my Steam Nations setting.  (Also known as “The Glorious Age of Steam.”)  Both have never been published in e-book form before, and both are available right now on

“Kit Chapman Challenger & The Last Ranodon” is the first steampunk story I wrote.  It features our heroes, Kit, Zoe Tesla, and Ray Armstrong, going to the Amazon to study and preserve the last known flying dinosaurs in Hai-Brasil.  But Kit is famous not only for making such amazing finds, but also for losing them to her competition.  Can she beat the Russians to the punch this time?  (This story features a character from my upcoming Empires of Steam & Rust novella, Heart of Steam & Rust.)  For now, this e-book is an Amazon exclusive.

Kit gets in a bit of trouble with “The Last Ranodon.”

“Automata Futura” follows bookish mechanic Zoe Tesla as she tries to help a “mad genius” realize his dream of a human-like robot.  Soon, though, Zoe is in over her head or, perhaps more accurately her heart is head over heels.  The tale is available not only on Amazon, but also on Smashwords for all e-reader formats.

Both stand-alone stories are great jumping-on points for steampunk fans and new-to-steam readers alike!  (Though readers of both stories will enjoy a bit of extra continuity!)

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!


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