Elf Princess on Mars released!

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Elf Princess on Mars released!

General Readers version of the book.

My sci-fi/fantasy mash-up, “Elf Princess on Mars” is now out!  (Just in time for you John Carter & Dejah Thoris fans.)

EPoM tells the story of Faye, a young elf looking for love in all the wrong places.  In this case, the place is Mars, or as the planet is known to its inhabitants, Barsoom.

The e-book is available in both a general audiences edition (with tame illustrations) for Kindle here at Amazon and for all e-book formats (including Kindle) here at Smashwords.

The story is also available in an Elf Erotica explicitly illustrated edition (with extra illos & nudity) here for Kindle at Amazon and here for all e-book formats (including Kindle at Smashwords).  Yes, the adult version costs a bit more, but it has a lot more illustrations — including the fully illustrated version of EPoM.

Yeah, it's censored. Go buy the thing if you want to see it. 😉

As an added bonus, the e-book features the original text of Edgar Rice Burroughs A Princess of Mars (as it was originally published in 1917), with new character illustrations by me, Steve Sullivan.

So, pick your version and settle in for a fun-filled slightly off-color romp on Mars today!

A Princess of Mars – Cover by SDS


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