FROST HARROW Sneak Preview 2

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FROST HARROW Sneak Preview 2

Grant Winslow at the lake shore.

Grant Winslow didn’t expect to be a millionaire.  For years, he was the family’s black sheep, the teenager more interested in ecology than in the business of Winslow Construction.  No wonder, then, that at age eighteen he lit out from Frosthaven for Europe and parts unknown.  But a strange twist of fate has brought the twenty-two-year-old home as sole heir to his miserly uncle’s fortune.  Now Grant finds himself enormously wealthy and unexpectedly caught in a generations-old feud with the powerful Frost family of Frost Harrow.

Join Grant, Ivy Frost, and the other members of the strange and sinister Frost family as they struggle against supernatural menaces and each other in the Frost Harrow series, coming soon from Walkabout Publishing and Stephen D. Sullivan.  Fans of Dark Shadows and the works of Stephen King are bound to love it!

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