The Beast of Bray Road, Linda Godfrey, and Me

At the end of the summer, I was contacted by the nice folks at Strange Phenomenon, who wanted to do a show about The Beast of Bray Road, much of which would, naturally, prominently feature my late friend, Linda Godfrey.  Linda and I did Uncanny Radio together on a local station for a year, about 15 years ago (!), and the SP guys wanted to use excerpts from our show.

After checking out SP’s bona fides, and talking to Linda’s husband Steve, I readily agreed, and not only gave the guys access to the original shows, but also did a lengthy interview wit them about Linda, her work, and the Beast.

Just before Halloween, they released their excellent show about the subject, which you can listen to, here:

Beast of Bray Road: Werewolf of Wisconsin

About a week later, they released the full interview that I’d done with them, as a supplement.  It’s here:

INTERVIEW: Author & Host of Uncanny Radio – Stephen D. Sullivan

Ray and R.J of Strange Phenomenon did a great job with the show and the interview, and I’ll definitely be tuning in for more of their programs in the future.

I told them I hoped that this would be their “highest rated show ever.”  So, what are you waiting for…?

Go listen!

(And don’t forget about my Beast “tribute” Frost Harrow story: “The Beast of Bay Road,” too.


— Steve Sullivan
10 November 2023

Dedicated with love to Linda Godfrey and her family.
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