Brief TOD Notes

August 13, 2008 No Comments »

Some brief notes on TOD, now that the tournament has actually started.

I’ve got live updates of my work on the project going on at Twitter — a cool site that allows you to get glimpses of the lives of your friends and interesting folks/projects — and am posting under the moniker “sdsullivan.” Sign up and check it out. You can see what part of the Olympics I’m watching and maybe deduce how it’s working into my writing.

I’m having a great time creating characters for the tournament and using them to reveal information about the setting and world of TOD. The story is set in the Blue Kingdoms, BTW, which some of you may be familiar with. 😉

To that end, I decided to label each character in the story when they have their own section or chapter — such as “Human Knight” or “Al Qiist Magician.” An easy and fun way to learn about the world, I hope.

And now is a great time to suggest characters you’d like to see created (or killed). I hope to get another poll up on the TOD site today, too. Did you vote in the one that’s up now?

More soon.

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