November 2019 Mini-Reviews – Joker to GLOW Season 3

November was another Big Month for my movie/series viewing — 48 films and complete series, if my math is right.  Any month where I have 30 or more movies I count as a good one.  First year I began this, I think I averaged around 50 a month, which was amazing.  I’m always glad when I can get back into those kind of stratospheric numbers.  End of the month total was 359 for the year, which means I’m averaging over 30 a month for 2019, which is amazing considering how slow the first half was.  Well, “slow” compared to my “usual” voracious movie consumption.

November is also the month I finally started my long-delayed Paul Naschy werewolf series re-watch, in which I’m viewing all the Waldemar Daninsky series in the order in which they were released.  (Hi to all Naschy fans & family out there!)  I haven’t completed those viewings yet, partly because I’m waiting for one of the later ones, Beast and the Magic Sword, to be released on blu-ray, which is supposed to happen in December.  So, you can look forward to more of those films in December, at least.  (Also, you may notice that I started watching Daninsky films before I began doing them in order.  One I watched for an upcoming podcast, Curse of the Devil, and the other Dracula vs. Frankenstein just finally got a blu-ray release as Assignment Terror.  So chances are, I’ll be watching that one again, for the third time in 2 months.  (I watched both names it was released under in November.)  Will it be even more fun in HD?  Stay tuned to find out!

For now, let’s see if the auto-post feature on my site works better for this set of reviews than for the last.   I’m scheduling this for 12/7/2019 around 12:01am.  Will it go without me prodding it off the virtual publishing cliff?  We’ll see!

And now…

Ratings are out of five stars. Here’s what those stars mean to me…

* – This film is not good. Avoid it unless you tolerate dreck well.
** – A flawed film. You may enjoy it if you like this genre or the folks in it.
*** – A good solid film. If you like this genre, you’ll probably like this film.
**** – A superior film within its genre. Thoroughly enjoyable.
***** – An outstanding film on many levels. A great example of its genre.

Joker **** Phoenix is amazing as he becomes the Joker, but not too many suprirses in this grim dystopic Gotham City story.
Terminator: Dark Fate **** Return of Sara Connor & early twists liven up this sequel/reboot to classic SF-Action-Horror franchise. Worth it.
I Walked with a Zombie ***** Lewton classic sends nurse to Caribbean island to tend plantation owner’s wife who is a zombie. Great chiller.
Hardgore (Satanic Sickies Box 1) ** Nymphomaniac is sent to asylum for, but it’s just a front for satanic/supernatural rituals & sex. Explicit sex. Gore not too convincing, which is fine in a sex film. Near electrocution by vibrator made me laugh. Alpha Blue print okay.
Chamber of Horrors *** Murderer goes after police & people who caused the loss of his hand, including wax museum-owning amateur detectives. Film has wacky Fear Alerts before “scary” scenes that aren’t really scary, but film is amusing.
Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1970 Naschy) *** Naschy film with space alien Michael Rennie gathering wolfman, mummy, Frankenstein monster to conquer Earth.
Nude Vampire, The (La Vampira Nuda) ** Beautiful & mysterious Euro film about immortal woman, cult that worships her, & scientists studying her. Weird.
Asylum **** Peter Cushing, Barry Morse, & Herbert Lom are standouts in this creepy anthology set in a strange asylum.
Play Only with Me (Grindhouse Hostage) ** “Grindhouse Hostage Collection – Woman’s jealosy over man’s affairs leads to sex and gun “play.” Mostly porn.
Virgin Hostage (Grindhouse Hostage) ** Grindhouse Hostage Collection – Bank robbers break into women’s apartment & have sex with them. Just porn.
Doctor Sleep **** Sequel to THE SHINING has a fine cast & production values. Good suspense, but plays out fairly standard.
STAR WARS The Phantom Menace *** Not a patch on the original 3 films, this “1st” in the series still has some fun moments, but it’s mostly a film for kids.
Curse of the Devil (El Returno del Walpurgis) Naschy #6 *** Naschy’s 6th (surviving) werewolf film starts with a curse on a medieval knight before coming to more modern times. Curse turns knight’s descendant into a werewolf who, along with a loosed madman, terrorizes countryside.
Blue Balloon, The (Grindhouse Hostage) ** Mortified by being drugged & having rough sex, woman becomes prostitute. Far more porn than grindhouse flick.
Kink Kong vs. Godzilla (Japanese) **** Japanese version of classic monster battle has undertones of sattire on TV & advertising. Criterion bonus blu-ray.
Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (La Marca del Hombre Lobo) Naschy #1 **** Naschy’s 1st werewolf film finds Valdemar Daninsky bitten by resurrected werewolf & then trying to save his friends from that fiend & 2 vampires posing as doctors. US title is goofy, but film is a howl.
Assignment Terror (Lost Monsturos del Terror) Naschy #2 1970 *** Known also as Dracula vs. Frankenstein (etc.), the Sinister Cinema print of this version is superior – very clean, which makes the plot much more coherent. Aliens summon up classic monsters to learn how to conquer Earth.
STAR WARS Attack of the Clones *** Big improvement over PM, this episode still has some wooden dialog & performances, but more great scenes.
And Now the Screaming Starts *** Amicus gothic about the viriginal wife of the estate’s heir, a woodsman, & a vengeful ghost. Plenty of screaming.
Black Gunn *** Jim Brown is a nightclub owner who seeks revenge after his brother is killed for trying to steal from the mob. Fun.
Take, The ** Billy Dee Williams as undercover cop pretending to be on the take… maybe. Okay, but lacks blaxplotiation edge.
Night Gallery – Season 2 ***** My intro to Lovecraft & Serling himself this season. Pickman, Cool Air, The Caterpillar. Some of the best NG!
Satan Met a Lady ** Maltese Falcon, minus the Falcon, Sam Spade, Cairo, & Fat Man. Plus Bette Davis & Warren Willams. Meh.
Mr. Mercedes – Season 3 ***** Great characters & accurate courtroom/law work elevate adaptation of King book. Terrific! Where to next?
High School DxD – Season 3 *** The devils spend time “vacationing” in hell & fighting wars with rogue gods. Plus plenty of boobs, of course.
Fury of the Wolfman (Naschy #3) ** A better print would help this messy Daninsky story with werewolf mixed up with crazed doctor in hidden asylum.
Ford vs. Ferrari ***** Caroll Shelby & Ken Miles drag Ford into the switning 60s in their quest to win the 24 hours of Le Mans. Great.
Werewolf Shadow (Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman) Naschy #4 **** 4th film in the Naschy werewolf series begins with his resurrection (again), involves him with 2 women searching for a vampire’s tomb, which, naturally leads to the vampire woman running amok. Plot a bit patchy but lots of fun.
Adventures of Don Juan, The ***** Erol Flynn is the title character in one of his best swashbucklers, with humor, a bit of satire, & great swordplay.
Dr. Jekyll & the Werewolf (Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo) Naschy #5 **** A woman who’s husband is murdered by bandits is rescued by Waldemar Daninski. She takes him to her friend Jekyll, who proposes a unique cure, by turning him into Hyde. Many story elements, sex & sadism, monster fun.
Angel Above, Devil Below (Satanic Sickies) ** Teen reading from Satanic book gets her love box possessed in horny Exorcist twist. The quim talks, too. Silly porn.
Curse of the Devil (rewatch) Naschy #6 *** With better transition scenes, this would be classic, but as it is, it has a lot of interesting Naschy ideas.
Rites of Uranus (Satanic Sickies) ** More faux occult rituals, but not a lot of that compared to the hardcore sex, including some anal. Another curiosity.
Werewolf & the Yeti (Naschy #7) **** Waldemar Daninski travels to Tibet for a new origin & run in with demon women, bandits, & the title yeti. Fun.
Raven, The **** Lugosi is fiendish as doctor crushing on a patient. Karloff is gruesome & pathetic as Lugosi’s hench-victim.
Invisible Menace, The *** Karloff is the real treat in this “mystery” about sabotage on a military base & a newly wed couple for comedy.
Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day *** Jessie does a lot of dope with her friends & has trippy experiences/dreams with topless nuns with chainsaws. Doesn’t make much sense, at least not on 1st viewing, but stars are engaging, so it’s a fun trip.
Bluebeard’s Ten Honeymoons *** George Sanders accidentally kills one woman to steal, then makes a career killing lonely women for their money.
Emanuelle in America *** Photographer/journalist Emanuelle (Laura Gesmer) & her hidden camera research sexual proclivities of the rich from US to Europe, but end up finding not only a horse & other kinks, but also a Snuff Film ring. Explicit. Weird.
Goofy Movie, A *** Heartwarming story of Max Goofy’s 1st romance, father-son relationship strains, & bonding over common roadtrip.
Mulan (animated) **** China’s national heroine dresses as a man to spare her father from the army & battles both huns & sexism.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (animated) ***** Great characters & excellent blend of hand-drawn & CGI animation bring Disney’s adventure to Atlantis to life.
Kim Possible (2019) *** Live-action KIm Possible movie has a good cast & captures much of the fun of the animations. Sequels possible.
Robin Hood (Disney) ** Animation isn’t bad. Voices are good. But whole film lacks a strong storyline, rehashes usual legends with animals.
Frozen 2 *** Animation is beautiful, songs & acting good, but the plot lacks focus & elements don’t hold up to scrutiny. Kid stuff.
Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, A ***** Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers, whose quiet compassion changes the life of a conflicted journalist. Brilliant on all levels.
Attack of the 50-Foot Woman *** Cheesy SFX can’t stop this melodrama of a mal-treated wife who grows to giant size (via Aliens) & gets revenge.
Parks & Recreation (Season 1) *** Political comedy/parody about pit where man fell & broke his legs & public servant who wants to turn it into park.
GLOW (Season 3) ***** “GLOW is now a (repeat performance) Vegas show & focus shifts onto the lives of the women & crew. Great Stuff

So, that’s the wrap-up for the penultimate month of the year.  Lots of 5-star films in the bunch — including a few currently in theaters.  Plus, some 5-star TV shows that you can binge if you have the services they’re on.  Oh, and I’ve kept watching Parks & Recreation and Season 2 is starting out at a 5-star pace.

I expect this month, December, will bring more movie watching, more Naschy, and more TV series — as we’re trying out BritBox which brings me not only the Father Brown series I was watching on PBS, but a whole other Father Brown series that I didn’t know about from the 70s!

Stay tuned!

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