Frost Harrow Book 1 – SCREAM LOVER – Ch.23

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Ivy woke before the dawn feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. She’d had a difficult time getting back to sleep after the dream, and when she did, she slept fitfully. Her yellow nightgown clung uncomfortably to her body. It felt scratchy against her breasts and belly.

She realized that her nipples were erect, and her crotch felt damp. Even with the dream, the itch inside hadn’t gone away.

“Fuck,” she said to no one in particular. “Ivy, you are one sick woman if that kind of dream turns you on.”

She peeled off her nightgown and hit the shower.

After twenty minutes lathering herself generously and alternating hot- and cold-water rinses, she felt clean enough to dress.

She pulled a loose-fitting jogging outfit over her softest underwear and bra. No sense aggravating things with more friction, she thought. She’d grown almost accustomed to maneuvering around her cast. Still, she couldn’t wait to get the damn thing off.

As she dressed, a nagging idea grew in the back of Ivy’s mind. She should call Grant, see what he was up to. Find out if he could see her later.

He wants you. You know he does, said a buzzing voice deep within her mind.

Don’t be an idiot, she thought. You don’t want to wake him up. And what would you say, anyway? You’ve been on my mind lately—you and a tall dark nightmare? I’m unbearably horny and want to fuck the daylights out of you? Are you free for a pre-breakfast quickie? Get a grip on yourself, Ivy.

She resisted an urge to literally get a grip on herself. The shower hadn’t entirely obliterated the fire in her loins.

Besides, masturbating didn’t do me much good last night, she told herself.

The dawn had begun to chase away the morning stars when Ivy left her room and headed for the pantry. She deliberately decided to try and avoid other members of the household.

Still, she could hear cries of pleasure coming down the hall near Colin’s room.

When does he ever sleep? Ivy wondered. Poor girl. I wonder if she knows what’s coming. Ivy groaned softly to herself as she realized the pun she’d made.

She found some bagels and cream cheese in the larder. She toasted the bagels, lathered them with cheese, and then snuck back to her room.

As she sat on the bed and ate, Ivy stared at the phone and tried very hard not to pick up the receiver.


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