Frost Harrow Book 1 – SCREAM LOVER – Ch.20

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Cassie squirmed on her seat during the whole drive home.

She pulled the Taurus into her garage and used the remote to close the door behind her. The light came on automatically, chasing away the shadows.

She got out of the car, fumbled the keys into the door lock, and hurried into her modest, two-story house. She turned the lock behind her and leaned against the door, breathing hard. The comforting darkness of home enveloped her

Damn! She hated to be turned down.

She pulled off her pumps and threw them by the door, then went into the half-bathroom and splashed cold water on her face.

Doing so failed to dim the fire she felt in her loins.

Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody, she thought ironically.

Shit, she was horny!

She pulled off her silk stocking as she headed for the main bath, almost tripping on the stairs as she did so. What had gotten into her? It hadn’t been that long since she’d gotten laid.

It’s Grant, she thought, quickly stripping off her blouse and dress. Grant with his green eyes and blond hair, his pleasant smile and slim body. She wanted him more than she had any right to.

Cassie turned on the bath, making sure the water felt hot. She knew Ivy had first dibs, but she still wanted him. More than she could hardly stand.

She pulled off her garters (she hadn’t worn panties), removed her bra, aimed it at the clothes hamper, and missed. She didn’t care. She couldn’t wait any longer.

She stepped into the bath, slipping into the steaming water, feeling the warmth as it embraced her skin.

She slid her ass down under the faucet and let the stream of water caress her genitals.

She imagined the water was Grant. Grant with his blond hair, red eyes, and lean body.

Green eyes.

Why had she thought his eyes were red for a moment? Was that his cologne she smelled in the air? She’d always liked musk.

Cassie lay back in the bath and masturbated until she couldn’t stand to touch herself anymore.

She never even bothered to turn on the lights.




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