From the Monster Conservancy: Free Reading & Other Fun While Sheltering

While most of us are (wisely) cooped up, a lot of us will be looking for things to occupy our time.  You’ve probably noticed that I run a chunk of movie reviews every month. but have you noticed how much free fiction I have on my site, too?  I have more than a few (non-free) books available in both print and e-book form, as well.  And you probably won’t be surprised that I also have a bunch of friends who have great content — much of it free — for you to check out.  Today, I’m bringing you some stuff from me and my fellow Monster Conservancy members —

My latest book is TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 4, and as you might guess from the title, it’s part of an ongoing fantasy series — the finale, in fact.  You can read the serialized form of the first book for free by clicking the aforementioned title and following the links.  Or you can click the links here to buy the TOD4 print book or kindle book on (as well as the other Tournament books) or get the hardback version or all eBook versions on

But, I have a bunch of FREE STORIES on offering, too, and here are the links where you can read some of the most recent.  Now is a great time to start or catch up!

Click here to check out the latest episodes of FROST HARROW #1 – SCREAM LOVER, a modern-Gothic tale with echoes of Dark Shadows and Stephen King.

Click here to read DR. CUSHING’S CHAMBER OF HORRORS, a classic monster story with a werewolf, a vampire, a mummy, psychic twins and more!

If giant monsters are you thing, try DAIKAIJU ATTACK, a story from the 1960s classic age of Japanese sci-fi smash-a-thons.

Want more?  There’s plenty of other stuff on my site, too, just look around for my Christmastime or Halloween stories (also linked at bottom) or even Canoe Cops vs. the Mummy.

Plus, there’s plenty more from my friends in the Monster Conservancy, too!

Monster Kid Radio has more interesting conversations with Derek M. Koch on monsters and sci-fi than you can shake a stick at.  Stream it online or catch it with iTunes or your fave podcatcher.

You can stream modern-retro monster and sci-fi films on Amazon Prime or on Roku or even buy hard-copy editions from filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm.

Joshua Kennedy has a selection of great classic-style films on YouTube, or you can buy them from

Conservancy members Richard Chamberlain & Jeff Owens both have excellent blogs (linked, Rich’s has more Conservancy stuff) as well as a terrific podcast, Classic Horrors Club for you to stream.

That’s just the tip of the monstrous iceberg, but hopefully there’s enough here to get you started and keep you amused for a good, long time.

Don’t forget to join the club (on Facebook) and let us know how you like all this cool stuff.  We’re not just doing it for us; we’re doing it for you!

And if you like my work, please consider dropping a buck or two my way on Patreon, using the link at bottom!

Stay Sane, Stay Safe, & Stay Healthy! — Steve

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Read the FREE Frost Harrow Halloween stories, too!
The Weeping Ghost” (2012), “A Trace of Violet” (2013),  “Lunchroom Zombies” (2014), “Omens & Visitations” (2015), “Fata Morgana” (2016), and “At the Appointed Hour” (2017), and “Devil’s Lake” (2018), “A Walk on Witches’ Hill” (2019)