Film Mini-Reviews February 2018 – Ants to Predator: The Quietus

So, I warned you that there’d be fewer movies in February…

14 films — and only one seen in the theater.  That’s by far the fewest I’ve watched in any month since I started keeping track in January 2017.  Sure, it’s still one movie every 2 days, but — as we’ve seen from previous months — that’s nothing for me.  I could almost watch more in my sleep.

Of course, if you cut the 18-ish days of the Olympics out of the month (we watched no movies during the Olympics, save sneaking off to see Black Panther), then I’m over 1 a day for the remaining days.

Which is much more “respectable.”  Ha ha.  🙂

Ratings are out of 5 stars.

Ants (Sven) *** A good TV flick with a fine cast. The ant SFX are a bit cheesy, but the story is well shot & sincere. Great poster.
Blood of Dracula’s Castle ** Like most Al Adamson films, this has things to recommend it, but the story (esp. “Dracula”) falls flat in the end.
Doctor Who: The Face of Evil (movie version) *** Leela joins Tom Baker’s Doctor and they unravel the mystery of the evil “god” with the Doctor’s face. Good start.
Zodiac Killer, The ** Made-at-the-time-of-the-crime cheapie is heavy on exploitation & red herrings. Interesting document of the time.
Slaughter of the Vampires *** When his bride is slain by angry villagers, Vampire sets about getting new bride & revenge. Good Euro-Vamp.
Darkness, The *** Kevin Bacon’s family is plagued by ancient Amerind spirits when autistic son finds sacred stones. Some chills.
Bayou ** Peter Graves is city slicker architect falling for swamp damsel coveted by bully. Could have used more sleaze.
Pandemonium * A killer stalks the campus of a cheerleader school & a Mounty tries to save them in this unfunny comedy.
Black Panther, The ***** One of the best superhero movies. Smart with a heart, ideas, & subtext. Great cast & visuals, too. Thanks, Don!
Sound of Horror, The *** Euro treasure hunters find mummy, release invisible dinosaur, which then proceeds to stalk & kill them. Good fun.
Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (Sven) ** Crash strands girls who grow into savages who cop with stranded modern men & headhunters. Silly TV film.
Legacy of Blood ** Carradine’s heirs vie for fortune in this fairly predictable, despite twist at and, “Last One Standing” tale of murder.
Terror Out of the Sky (Sven) ** Savage Bees sequel minus Gretchen Corbet, plus Efram Zimbalist Jr. & Dan Haggerty. TV movie with crazy end.
Predator: The Quietus ** Reporter investigates strange beastly killings on UK moors. Could it be a werewolf?! Needs a better title, at least.


March should be more than February, for sure.  But we still can’t be sure what the “new normal” will be for 2018.

Is it 50 movies a month?  30?  More?  Fewer?  Time will tell.

And I’m still considering publishing the full 2017 list, maybe as a special perk for my Patreon patrons.

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