Film Mini-Reviews – February 2017: End of Days to The Day the Fish Came Out

Includes 2017 Academy Awards Nominees!

Surprisingly, I watched slightly more movies in February than I did in January (53 vs. 52) — though surely the Academy Awards marathons that I my wife and I did helped.  I’m still not sure if this is a trend or just a fluke.  Will I hit 600 films this year?  Maybe March, which seems to be starting slower, will tell.  I just don’t have enough data points yet.  Stay tuned, folks.

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So, here’s the list for February, 2017 with some atypical stuff for the start and end titles and more monster and SF in between — plus the Academy Awards.  (See January 2017 for “The Rules.”)

(Oh, and the reason they’re not alphabetized is because that’d add at least a half hour to this task, which would make it like work, which would make me not want to do it.  So let’s keep having fun!)

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Happy reading and watching!

FILM – Rating (0-5 stars) – Comments

End of Days, The ** Schwarzenegger vehicle isn’t bad, but some smarter rewrites would have improved it.
The Land that Time Forgot **** Faithfulness to the adventurous spirit of Burroughs overcomes any SFX shortcomings. Good fun.
The People that Time Forgot *** Not as good as Land… But still a rousing tale told sincerely.
LIzzie Borden Took an Ax *** Christina Ricci makes this sincere TV drama about the famous murders worth viewing. Weird rock soundtrack.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters **** Raymond Burr version on Svengoolie. Great film and the start of G-Mania.
Target Earth *** Low budget but well done. Better than it has a right to be, with great goofy robot design.
Real Men ** John Ritter makes this Jim Belushi Spy/SF/Comedy bearable. Barely.
Huntsman: Winter’s War, The *** Entertaining action-fantasy with a great cast and strong, fun SFX. Good prequel-sequel.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch ** Bland TV-movie fare about the comic book character. Lots of skin in the pool party scene. No edge.
Psychic Killer *** Julie Adams & Tim Hutton plus gore & nudity make this 70s crime-SF shocker fun and watchable.
Tale of Tales **** Reverent, adult take on 3 classic European fairy tales. Really well made with a great cast.
Beowulf and Grendel *** Well made version of the tale, with a sympathetic take on the monster(s) and good production values.
Curse of the Swamp Creature ** John Agar and Francine York make this tolerable, but with a little more work, it could have been good. Like many of Buchanan’s movies, a lost opportunity.
Tales of an Ancient Empire * Even Kevin Sorbo can’t help this mess, which seems half baked at best. Like a sketch of a movie to come.
Attack of the Gryphon ** Not bad for a SyFy TV effort. Good cast. Passable SFX. Marginal story.
Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King *** Good cast & great look make for a good Ring of the Niebelungs adaptation. I’d love to see the long version.
Mists of Avalon, The **** Strong (TV) adaptation of the books gives a feminist spin to the Arthurian legends. Seen as one film.
Beowulf (Director’s Cut) *** Innovative animated adaptation of the myth. Give it another star if the Uncanny Valley doesn’t bother you.
Godzilla Raids Again (US cut) ** A much better film in the original Japanese. Still, this has some fun to it.
I Married a Witch **** Funny and charming, and Veronica Lake is stunning. Forerunner to Bewitched, the ending is a bit abrupt.
Lawless Frontier, The ** Movies don’t get much more B than this, but John Wayne dwarfs his horse. Good fun.
One Million Years BC (International Cut) **** Harryhausen and Raquel Welch make this totally worth watching. Blu-ray looks great! Fab dinos!
Terminal Man, The *** George Segal gets cyber-brain. Grim bit of Chrighton SF forecasting. Good cast. Bleak 70s ending.
Death Watch *** Harvey Keitel becomes a human camera to film Romy Schneider’s demise. 70s hold-over ending.
Five *** Post-holocaust melodrama in a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Don’t know much about radiation. Well produced.
Day Mars Invaded Earth, The *** Low-budget scifi silliness nevertheless entertains. And a great “shock ending” makes it worthwhile.
Fox, The *** DH Lawrence melodrama about a female couple broken up by a man. Good cast & well produced.
No Blade of Grass *** 70s Post-Economic Collapse action picture with very gray morals. Nicely produced, shot, and acted.
Burden of Dreams **** Documentary about Fitzcarraldo shows Herzog as a very human “madman” and great film maker.
Bunny O’Hare ** Bette Davis & Ernest Borgnine make this slight robbery comedy entertaining, but lots of silly 70s attitudes.
Blood & Lace ** Shock ending can’t save this mediocre slasher/madmen offering. Watched on Comet. Would uncut be better?
Orochi the Eight-Headed dragon *** Colorful mythical production. A bit slow in places, but some fun kaiju stuff & near incomprenehsible Shinto myth.
Hell or High Water **** Great performances and characters you’re surprised to identify with in this West Texas cops/robbers story.
Hidden Figures **** Rewatch in the theater.
Hacksaw Ridge **** Powerful and emotionally moving with brutal war scenes. A bit more on the secondary characters needed.
Lala Land *** Production values pull it up to 3 stars, but somehow this film didn’t connect with me on many levels.
Cat’s Eye ** This portmanteau film feels a little spare, though the segments are good, especially the troll one. Not scary.
Adventures of Hajji Baba ** Beautiful production but fairly standard princess-pauper Arabian story with John Derek.
Frankenstein 1970 *** Karloff and good production values drag up a story that’s a bit of a mess. 1970 for its atomic generators?
Mad Monster Party? *** Great character designs by Jack Davis, script by Harvey Kurtzman, plus Karloff & Diller. But a bit slow/long.
Count Yorga, Vampire *** Great, moody, low-budget film overcomes its roots and a thin script with charming Robert Quarry as Yorga.
Return of Count Yorga, The ** Not quite as charming as the first, and a bit slow, but still worth seeing. Quarry should have done more sequels.
Howling: Reborn, The ** Low budget sequel that’s better than you might expect, but still seems to run out of money at crucial points.
Godzilla vs. The Thing (Mothra vs. G.) ***** Kaiju films don’t get better than this. Best G suit. Great monster fights. Even the dubbing is top-notch. Classic.
Singing in the Rain ***** A brilliant musical on every level. It doesn’t get better than this. Smart and funny and great songs/performances.
Fences **** Standout performances by all the principals & solid play-based script. A good character study.
Lion *** Strong real-life story gets a bit predictable when the little lost boy grows ups. Still very good.
Arrival ***** Smart, thought-provoking science fiction with great ideas and a superb Amy Adams in the lead. Fabulous.
Manchester by the Sea **** Casey Affleck feels very real, as do the other characters in this North Shore MA character study.
Moonlight **** This story of growing up with fatherless gets an unlikely role model in Mahershala Ali. Outstanding & thoughtful.
Godzilla’s Revenge (All Monsters Attack) ** English dubbed version, even with Svengoolie or MST3K, is hard to take. Original Japanese gets another *.
Boomerang! *** Crime and courtroom drama based on real life, with a good Dana Andrews lead & good supporting cast.
Yearling, The ***** Touching & sometimes heartbreaking family film about a boy & his deer. Great Technicolor cinematography.
Day the Fish Came Out, The ** Bleak Cold War comedy about lost nuclear materials on a Greek Island & attempts to recover said nuke junk.

Will February be another 50-film month?  Will I ever find out what my “normal” number of films to watch is?  How much will attending a convention affect my numbers?  Stay tuned!

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