SPACE PROBE TAURUS on Monster Kid Radio #304

Derek M. Koch and I discuss the nearly lost “classic” SPACE PROBE TAURUS and how to enjoy low-budget movies (SF, horror, etc.) despite their shortcomings.  We also take on sexism and Sci-Fi’s early efforts to cope with the changing roles of women in US society during the 50s and 60s.  (It’s two steps forward and one step back for egalitarianism, as with many films of this era.)

Is SPACE PROBE TAURUS (a.k.a. Space Monster or The First Woman in/into Space(?!)) just another cheesy movie (the worst we can find — La la la!) or a valiant attempt to do the best you can with some good actors, well-lit and shot sets, and left-over monster costumes from other films?  (Wizard of Mars  (a.k.a. Horrors of the Red Planet) and War Gods of the Deep (a.k.a. City in the Sea) — It’s a multiple title massacre this week!)

Click here to listen to MKR Episode 304 and then make up your own mind!

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