Tournament of Death 4 – FINAL DAYS!

We’re in the Final Days of the TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 4 Kickstarter!  So now’s the time to SIGN UP!  (And share with your friends!)

FOR $1 YOU GET – The Whole Story to read online + participation

FOR $6 YOU GET – The Whole Story online and as an E-Book + participation


  • The Whole Story online and as an E-Book + participation
  • Your Name  in the credits
  • 2 TOD4 Wallpapers
  • Bonus Stories (from TOD3) in the TOD4 books
  • The Crimson Collection
  • Blue Kingdoms Stories E-Book collection by SDS
  • TOD Role Playing Game (RPG) adventure
  • And More!

We’re less than $200 away from adding a Backer-Picked Original Story and less than $600 from adding a 2nd Story!

And DON’T FORGET to order your ADD ONS!

Kickstarter ENDS on Sunday 8/21/2016!  BACK IT NOW!


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  1. Hello! I just found your work about a week ago and have bought and read Tournament of Death 1-3. Do you know when 4 will be released to read in ebook format? Thank you!

  2. Hi Erica! Thanks for the kind words. If we’re lucky, TOD 4 should be out in time for Christmas (2016). If things get jammed up (as they’re prone to do near the holidays), it will be out in early 2017. Keep checking this website for news. You can also join the TOD group on Facebook — — and sign up for my newsletter, or join my Patreon — — to help stay on top of the latest news. Glad you like the series!

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