Zombie Shark and Megalodon 2-Fer Released

ZOMBIE Shark - Web 34perClick here to buy Zombie Shark.  Click here to buy the Megalodon 2-Fer.

Just in time for Shark Week… Zombie Shark, my long-hinted-at novella (one of  2 secret zombie projects coming out this month).  I’ve also released the megalodon 2-fer containing Monster Shark & Zombie Shark.  You can buy them at the links above, or the ones following the brief synopsis (from the 2-Fer page).

What’s worse than one megalodon on the loose? Two megs on the rampage!

In MONSTER SHARK, the outcast triton Umira tries to protect a shipful of ungrateful treasure hunters from a ravening monster. While in the stand-alone sequel, ZOMBIE SHARK, a young mage tries to protect her lover from the undead tool of warlock’s revenge.

Both novellas are rip-roaring summer reads–and suitable to heat up cold winter nights as well. You’ll be hooked from the first lines!

SHARK - MONSTER-ZOMBIE Two-Fer WEB 34perBuy Zombie Shark for all formats on Smashwords, or here on DriveThruFiction, or here on Amazon.

Buy Zombie Shark – Monster Shark Twofer  for all formats on Smashwords, or here on DriveThruFiction, or here on Amazon.

Pick them up today and enjoy the rest of Shark Week!  (Or whatever week you’re in if you don’t get it in release week.)

Stephen D. Sullivan is the award-winning author of dozens of fantasy novels and stories. He lives in haunted Frosthaven, Wisconsin.

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