I”ll be at Gen Con 2011 next week, and  since the site I was referring people to for my schedule no longer seems to exist, I decided I’d post it here.

I’ve got a pile of writing-related events and will be premiering the Twilight Empire: Robinson’ s War graphic novel.  (See picture in a previous post.)

This is an event you don’t want to miss.  Why not drop by and say “Hi.”  Or, if you can’t make it, sign up for my free newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date with all my latest projects and goings on.


1) ROOM A – 11 am
To Plot or Not: Marc Tassin, Stephen D. Sullivan, Lawrence Connolly, Brad Beaulieu
Is it better to write by the proverbial seat of your pants or to painstakingly outline each chapter? Both approaches to writing novels, short stories, and game material work, but is one method better? Our panelists discuss the pros and cons of plotting in advance.

2) ROOM B – noon
You Slay Me: Stephen D. Sullivan, Elizabeth Vaughan, Jerry Gordon, Marc Tassin, Bob Farnsworth
Hang ‘em. Poison ‘em. Blow ‘em up. Slice ‘em to ribbons. Or just run ‘em over with a train. Our panelists discuss methods for killing characters—heroes and villains alike. They’ll cover how to time a death scene right, how to give the death meaning, what details to leave in and out, and how to decide which ones should “bite the dust.”

3) ROOM B – 1 pm
Tackling Writer’s Block: Kelly Swails, Marc Tassin, Stephen D. Sullivan, Jerry Gordon, Bob Farnsworth
Have you faced a malevolent force that prevents you from finishing your manuscript? How can you defeat the dark power that keeps your fingers motionless on the keyboard and your brain in neutral? Our panelists have battled this dreaded demon, and they’ll teach you how to best it!

4) ROOM B – 4pm
Pick Our Brains: Lawrence Connolly, Brad Beaulieu, Stephen D. Sullivan
We’ve written short stories, novels, roleplaying game material, comic books, and more. Now, we’re ready to share our publishing secrets with you! You lead the discussion in this “anything goes” panel. Come pick our brains . . . if you dare!

5) ROOM A – 6pm
Reading: Elizabeth Vaughan, Stephen D. Sullivan
Elizabeth Vaughan and Stephen D. Sullivan whisk you away to distant worlds when they read excerpts from their favorite new projects. Grab some food and come on down for an hour of great entertainment.


6) ROOM B – 9 am
Big on the Small Press: Stephen D. Sullivan,  Jennifer Brozek, Jason Sizemore, Jerry Gordon, William Horner
Writers can find big opportunities to break into publishing through the small press. Learn where to go, and what it takes, to make it big in small press. Our panelists include small press publishers, editors, and writers

7) ROOM B – 10 am
The “Novel” Approach to Editing: Jean Rabe, Bill Fawcett, Stephen D. Sullivan, William Horner
Finishing your novel isn’t enough. Now you have to edit it—polishing off the rough edges so it’s nice and shiny before you fire it off to an editor or agent. We’re “old hat” at putting the finishing touches on manuscripts, and we’re ready to dish out our sage advice.

8 ) ROOM A – 11 am
Make ‘Em Squirm: Marc Tassin, Stephen D. Sullivan, Lawrence Connolly, George Strayton
Bubonic Plague? That good ol’ Spanish Inquisition? Parasites, gruesome deaths, depravity, torture, pandemics, psychopaths, cannibalistic cults . . . and those are just for starters. Our panelists discuss plot devices intended to make readers squirm. Just how uncomfortable can you make it to turn the pages? Are there lines you shouldn’t cross? Is anything off limits?

9) ROOM B – 2pm
Sharing Worlds and Work for Hire: Dave Gross, Stephen D. Sullivan, John Helfers, Marc Tassin
For many authors, “shared world” fiction is their ticket into the publishing world. Work-for-hire projects can even land you on bestsellers’ lists. How do you find the work? Just what constitutes work-for-hire? And what are the good, bad, and ugly aspects of it?



11) AUTHOR’S AVENUE – 10am

12) AUTHOR’S AVENUE – 11am

13) ROOM B – noon
What’s in a Word? Kelly Swails, R.T. Kaelin, Stephen D. Sullivan, Steven Saus
The authors of The Hobbit, various Star Trek novels, and A Wizard of Earthsea created languages to make their worlds come alive. It seems easy enough . . . but how do you keep your characters from having names and discussions that look like someone slapped the keyboard? Panelists will discuss methods that authors and game designers use for creating “authentic” fictional languages and reveal their own techniques.

14) ROOM A – 2 pm
Balancing Act–the fine art of creating balanced characters: Donald J. Bingle, Stephen D. Sullivan, Anton Strout, Bill Fawcett
Mr. Perfect is a pretty dull chap. Well-rounded characters—ones folks enjoy reading about—have flaws and foibles. How do you add the right amount of baggage to a hero, villain, or sidekick? How can you avoid stereotypical troubles and latch onto something sparkling and masterful?


15) ROOM A – 11 am
Nothing But ‘Net: Steven Saus, Stephen D. Sullivan, Jerry Gordon, Patrick Tomlinson, Ramsey Lundock
The Internet is a useful tool for research, finding writer’s resources, joining a writer’s group, and submitting internationally. But it’s also a great way to promote yourself and get your writing out there. We’ll tackle Facebook, Twitter, web pages, and software.



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