As the Art Muse Commands: The Coralshell Sisters

Nearly final cover image for "Sisters in Arms"
Nearly final cover image for "Sisters in Arms"

My Art Muse has been riding me pretty hard lately.  Seems like the more I write, the more she wants me to do covers.  And since all e-books need covers, that kinda works out.  This is the first thing she had me do this week.  Next up was a pair of covers for a new Crimson story I’m working on.  After that, she thinks I should do a cover for “Shipmates,” a re-do for “The Gift of the Dragons,” and a cover for the single-story e-book of “Martian Knights: Buried Secrets.”  Oh, and maybe rework Frost Harrow 1 and get started on Frost Harrow 2.  Of course, there’s a couple of Brion Wild stories upcoming that need covers, too.  And isn’t it about time Tournament of Death had an official cover?

Art Muse does not think I should be able to eat or sleep or do much of anything but art.

With “Sisters in Arms” nearly done, what do you think I should be working on next?

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