TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 4 Kickstarter is LIVE! Back it!

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TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 4 Kickstarter is LIVE! Back it!

Hey, Everybody… The TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 4 Kickstarter has begun!

You can get into the game for only $1!  The LIVE event runs August 5th – 21st, 2016.

At the urging of backers, I put the campaign up a few days early, and the campaign has already blasted through many of our early stretch goals!  ALL BACKERS from $1 up are currently getting:

  • Participation in the LIVE event (Aug. 5-21)
  • A Bonus Wallpaper ($2 and above get an extra wallpaper, too!)
  • A printable TOD4 Poster

Plus ATTENDEES ($16 — just a dollar per day of the LIVE event) and above are additionally getting:

  • TOD4 backers-only version e-book
  • Your Name in the credits
  • Bonus stories from TOD3 included in the TOD4 book (print & ebook)
  • The Crimson Collection e-book (with nearly all of Crimson’s stories)
  • New e-book collection of all of Steve’s Blue Kingdoms Stories (also available as print add-on)

Plus there are still plenty of great stretch goals to come, including gaming adventures and a sourcebook!  And, of course, you can buy the current previous books (in print and e-book form) and other cool stuff like my Empires of Imagination Lake Geneva map (the LG of my pal Gary Gygax!) and The Twilight Empire: Robinson’s War (from Dragon) magazine.

And that’s just the start of the fun!  The real treat is helping to shape TOD4 LIVE, online, as I write the book during the Olympic Summer Games, 2016!

Remember: You can get in on the action for only $1!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Click here and join the Tournament of Death 4 team, today!


Asptiri wants YOU to join TOD4!

Asptiri wants YOU to join TOD4!

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