More Giant Monsters! Yongary on Monster Kid Radio

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More Giant Monsters! Yongary on Monster Kid Radio

Derek M. Koch and I answer pleas from MKR fans and tackle another giant monster movie.  This time out, it’s the Korean ground-breaker, Yongary: Monster from the Deep.

Where does this unique film fit in the pantheon of giant monsters?  Does it really qualify as a kaiju (or daikaiju) film?  And what part of GMK inspired my own Daikaiju Attack?

Listen to the interview on the Monster Kid Radio podcast, here.

Grab the fab Yongary double feature (with Konga) here.  Or grab the Keno Yongary blu-ray here.

And, for those of you who want to read my own cool take on giant monsters, check out Daikaiju Attack (in print and ebook form).

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