Creature from the Black Lagoon – Monster Kid Radio #200

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Creature from the Black Lagoon – Monster Kid Radio #200

Yeah, I know I just posted yesterday (minutes ago, actually), but, hey… New Month!  Plus, I wanted to catch up a bit.  And, yes, I have been writing and working on other cool stuff (like RPG-style maps), but that will have to wait until I have things I can report to you, my adoring fans.

For now, you get this wicked cool podcast about THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON on the Rond0 Award-Winning Monster Kid Radio, in which I join Derek, Tracey Morris (of the Disney Indiana podcast), and Chris McMillan of Shadow Over Portland.  Our panel’s topics of discussion include casting rumors and other notions surrounding a proposed Creature remake.

Is it a good idea?  Tune in and see what our panel thinks.

Click here to listen to Monster Kid Radio #200.

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