Last Weekend of Writing on TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 3!

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Last Weekend of Writing on TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 3!

Today (Sunday, February 23rd) is the FINAL WRITING DAY of TOD3.

That means, if all goes well, by the end of today, all the backers at ATTENDEE LEVEL ($16) and up will be able to read the complete novel — either in chapters or as one downloadable PDF file.

Not only that, but — at the advice of my backers on the exclusive forum — I’ve decided to do a switcheroo on 2 of the stretch goals, moving my pal Ed Greenwood up closer to being funded.

The new funding level for the Ed Greenwood story is $1600!  Now less than $100 away!

So, those of you who have friends who’ve been waiting for the story to finish before backing the project, this is the perfect time for them to jump aboard.

Here’s the site link, so you can pass it along.

This is not the end of the project, though.  Kickstarter funding runs through Tuesday, and the backers forum will continue as long as folks want to chat about the book.  After that, of course, the final rewards will start being delivered.

But first, we have to get through today!  So, keep telling your friends, keep leaving feedback on the backers forum, and keep reading!

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