B-Movie Cast & Me – Diary of a Madman – Vincent Price

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B-Movie Cast & Me – Diary of a Madman – Vincent Price

Hey, all you podcast listeners and b-movie fans… I once again had the great and fun priviledge of joining Vince & Mary Rotolo and B-Movie Man Nic Brown on the B-Movie Cast.

On their 199th (!) show, we discussed the lesser-known film Diary of a Madman starring horror great Vincent Price.  Find out where Wikipedia goofed on its entry!  (Hope they fix it sometime.)  Discover the true origins of the film’s title & story!

We also discussed the late, great Jonathan Frid (who passed away just before the show) and numerous other items of interest to sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and b-movie fans everywhere.

Click here to go to the podcast.  You can (and should!) also subscribe on iTunes.  Check it out!

And if you’re in the mood for a little horror reading, why not check out Tricks & Treats, a suite of short stories which is also contained in Martian Knights & Other Tales.  Buy!  Read!  Enjoy!

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