Catch Me in 2012

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Catch Me in 2012

Y’all may know that I’m something of a hermit. It’ s not that I don’t like leaving the house, hanging out with people, doing conventions, etc.  It’s just that being a writer and artist is not something one normally does with other people (aside from the occasional bullpen/studio situation, like we had at TSR).  So, in order to churn out books and art, it’s kindof necessary to hole up in my studio and be alone.

Last year, I managed to get out to a number of conventions/events, and I’ll be doing a few this year as well.  However, the  easiest way to find me out and about will probably be to attend the movie series I’m hosting at our church.  (Yes, I can go into a church without bursting into flames, and you probably can, too.)  Plymouth Congregational UCC has a wonderful sound and projection system, and I’m taking advantage of it by running films there on the 3rd Friday (usually) of every month, starting on January 20th (next week as I write this).

We’re kicking off this year’s schedule with Jackie Chan’s First Strike.  (Notice the clever “kicking off” pun?)  And I hope you’ll consider joining us — especially if you’ve never seen a man defend himself with a folding ladder (in one of the great action fights of all time).  This is the one place you can be sure I’ll be showing myself in public on a regular basis this year.

Hope to see you at the movies!

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