FROST HARROW Sneak Preview 1

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FROST HARROW Sneak Preview 1

Ivy Frost at Frost Hall

Ivy Frost, the youngest member of the family, has been forced to return to to her ancestral home after the sudden deaths of her parents.  At Frost Hall, she is an outcast, the prodigal child who is treated as a “black sheep” by nearly all of her relatives.  Ivy works in the offices of Frost Shipping, running errands for her Uncle Dan, who rules both the family and the business with an iron fist.  Many in Ivy’s situation would strike out on their own, but blood ties and a looming inheritance keep Ivy bound — some would say shackled — to Frost Hall, the sprawling family mansion her cousin Tony calls “Frost Harrow.”

Join Ivy and the rest of her strange and sinister family as they struggle against supernatural menaces and each other in the Frost Harrow series, coming soon from Walkabout Publishing and Stephen D. Sullivan.  Fans of Dark Shadows and the works of Stephen King are bound to love it!


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