Happy Halloween, 2011!

Art for Frost Harrow 2: Die with Me

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I intend to spend as much of the day as I can watching monster movies and doing Halloween-related things.  What will you be doing this Halloween?

As a special treat, I’m sharing the upcoming cover art for Frost Harrow #2 – Die with Me – at a nice, pin-up size, proving for all time (I hope) that my vampires aren’t sparkly.  (I’m more a Hammer guy than a Meyer guy.)  Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Halloween also seems to be a good time to remind you that I review TV shows and movies concerning the supernatural on my review blog and Howls & Growls.com.  A new season of creepy shows is just underway, and you can find my thoughts on them in both those places.  (Yes, I do reviews here, too, but those are mostly more personal subjects or experiences.)

Have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween.  And don’t get sick on candy.

Art for Frost Harrow 2: Die with Me
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