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New Crimson Story – A Titanic Mistake

NEW  CRIMSON STORY!  Buy “A Titanic Mistake” on Amazon for Kindle by clicking here, or on Smashwords for all e-book formats (including Kindle) by clicking here. “It’s not often I wake up in a first-class stateroom, especially not […]


Top 10+ Steampunk Films & TV

Update: I’ve created a permanent page for this list. All future updates will go here. (This post has been updated, click THIS PAGE for complete & updated info.) Click here to see info about my steampunk stories. […]


Catch Me in 2012

[youtube id=”AtuGZvjU0e8″ width=”600″ height=”350″] Y’all may know that I’m something of a hermit. It’ s not that I don’t like leaving the house, hanging out with people, doing conventions, etc.  It’s just that being a […]