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Welcome to my SUMMER SERIALS page!

And the first feature:

MONSTER SHARK ON A NUDE BEACH is my first serial for Kindle’s VELLA format.  It’s a new, easy way to deliver serialized stories to readers.  The first three episodes of Monster Shark on a Nude Beach are available for free, and the rest budget-priced for weekly purchase.  There will be a new chapter every week on Friday until the book-length action epic finishes.  I hope you’ll like it!

What’s the tale about?  Glad you asked!

Marine biologist Dr. Kenyatta Gregg came to the Caribbean to work in peace and quiet.  But despite his best efforts, he finds himself drawn time and again into Isla Bonita’s mysteries.  A shipwreck full of chemicals caused local sharks to go berserk in the 1970s.  Is that happening again?  Or is there something even stranger behind the incidents centered on the island’s famous “Buff Beach?”

Kenyatta remains determined to find out, even if it means giving up his hermit ways, stripping down, and letting it all hang out with the local sheriff, her veterinarian sister, a redhead who claims to be an immortal warrior, a Japanese surfer, and the various other colorful characters pitted against a Monster Shark on a Nude Beach.

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