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Q: When islands appear and disappear in the Blue Kingdoms, where do they come from and where do they go?

Well, that’s the mystery, isn’t it?

I think that the islands “bleed in” from other dimensions, and that’s where they return.

That way, Steve can have a character who’s related to Sinbad (from another, mythical dimension), or someone who worships Thor or Athena — even though those Gods aren’t “native” to the Blue kingdoms. Or, you can have an island full of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Arabs, super-intelligent shades of the color blue, whatever — or the air carrier USS Nimitz. They pop up, interact, and then go away. Sometimes, all memory of them might vanish as well.

Practically, though, the reason for it is so that other people can safely play in the world that Jean and Steve have created — and take their toys home when they want.

So, the more permanent islands are the ones that are part of the setting to begin with — the common islands that anyone writing in the world can use. Or they’re islands from stories that originate with Jean or Steve — just as the race info, etc. originates with one of us. If you want to “donate” islands to the world, feel free. (Let us know; we’ll credit you in the bible.) Otherwise, bring your characters and setting in with you and take them with you as you go. (SDS — 1/23/07)

Q: Can Irdro (earth) dwarves raise islands from the sea? 

Before they joined up with Captain Ali and the Starcutter crew, the Coralshell Sisters belonged to the piratical Sisterhood.

I certainly think a dwarf (Irdro) wizard — or Stoneshaper (not quite a wizard, but a dwarf with magical stone-related powers) — could part, move, and shape rock.

And I would think a dwarf wizard could bring up small crags to dock a ship — though leaving them there after the ship has left might disrupt the balance of things (either ecologically or magically) and cause something somewhere else to sink — probably somewhere dear to the dwarf in question. Maybe an evil, powerful dwarf could even call up a reef to strand or sink a ship. Again, though, there should be consequences.

It would take a very great dwarf wizard — or group of wizards — to raise a whole island and keep it there without some kind “payment” in kind. Sandbars might be easier. So would raising up rocks that were quite close to the surface to begin with. Raising rocks from the deep would take great power.

Wizards are not very common among dwarves, and would be highly valued — and perhaps controlled by dwarf authorities. I would guess the greatest of them would have even studied on the Isle of Prophecy — along with other powerful wizards. This would make dwarf wizards even more “outcasts” than they would normally be.

Now, how the Tritons (or other undersea creatures) would take to dwarves messing with the underwater landscape is another question entirely. (SDS – 1/22/07)

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